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how can I make Empire AI more aggressive and active?


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I have used Rebed to give the EMpire more advantages in the form of:


cheaper ships

more powerful ships

faster ships

cheaper units

more jedi's

etc. etc.


however, im finding the empire in the first 250+ days of the games does not do anything. i can expand in their back yard at will and by the time they get moving I am too strong and expanded to defeat.


I can only do so much with rebed. is their another tool i can use?

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I haven't played as the rebels for ages now; but can remeber a few things to kick start a reasonable game as the rebel vermin.


If you want a genuinely good game that just might freak you out from time to time, follow these principle rules:


-The The Empire; whether AI or controlled starts with military occupied systems. Leave them alone.


-Start the game with the Death Star; edited to something realistic like 48/36 capacity with equal laser support to turbo batteries, set at 10/10 for a couple of hundred days. Don't worry to much, the worst that will happen will be comming across not just one, but a second of the buggers when you least expect it, like I remember doing attacking Gorman once long ago. The stats are pointless btw in the long term, the AI is not so thick it won't use the adjusted stats to build one in every system shipyard...it will bear in mind it's capacity... (useless without fighters and support). If you do use this method you simply MUST leave the empire well and truly alone; otherwise it won't work. Let the Empire gather it's self. whilst you exploit the unknown out-rim, whilst doing nothing but defend the inner rim. You'll have the essential ingrediants of a classic rebel versus empire game before the AI looses the plot. If this isn't enough; scrap all this non-hyperdrive crap with Imperial fighters and it's game-on! Imperial fighters were always refered to in the official movies as being better than the rebel antiques. That's where I have always personally drawn the line. The rebel fighters can have all the torpedos they want(lots in my settings) but fighter to fighter, they will lack the modern lasers, targeting systems, and manoeverability of the TIEs. So throw all your Rogue Squadron comics in the trash-bin.


-Leave the Empire alone. Period! If you want a real battle of epic proportions, let it's titan-mass do it's thing and build it's juggernaughts. The original game settings aren't that wrong in reflecting a military machine financed with the funds like the USSR during the coldwar at completely tyrannical proportions at about 13% gpr, building big and massive things, whilst the rebels are forced to build up their fleets more slowly, and on more less-military intensive levels. IE: It's easier to blocade a system with two corellian corvettes and an escort than an ISD.

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i have tried to Leave the empire alone tactic. it workd but i was hoping to get the empire going tough at the start.


i will go back into rebed and up the stats for noghri and ships.


what i am going to do is give the empire a major boost in the form of shipyard, training fac, and construction


then ,


boost the power of the jedi on the empire side including the emperor and darth.


then boost stats on all the special forces.



thanks for the advice

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:arrow: Sometimes I'm amaized when I see again this subject ....anyway....



:arrow: The largest an extensive research in AI done with rebed and spy program is the PTESB : Ace Expansion Patch.




:arrow: About the imperials



1. Put the probes to cost 1/1; espionage 200; fight /200


2. Incrise the number of good diplomats.


3. Put the TIE to 1/1 costs.


4. Lower the cost of shypiards by 50% and stormy by 25%.


5. Incrise the speed of the ships and maintain the original prices or lower all by 30% ...remember that new prices always creates building problems. In the PTESB the AI will only build Victory I all the game but the Ace Expansion Patch fixes this and induces the corect number and ship types to be build by the AI. If you will install the PTESB and then the Patch you will see what I did for enabeling the Imperial AI to assoult from day 80 to 120.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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i did this.


For Empire:


1) fighters all have hyperdrive

2) all imperial officers have greatly increased leadership, combat and diplomacy skills and cannot betray side.

3) All Imperial Minor characters have greatly increased espionage, combat

and cannot betray side

4) increased probability of jedi on more empire characters. gave Thraan the Jedi Skill

4b) Gave all imperial officers 3 three types of leadership, genrl, comdr, admrl

5) Gave noghri death commandos a combat of 85, cost=1, maint =1

6) gave empire on coruscent 4 construction yards and tie intercepters,

7) Gave Emperer Palpantine combat 150, leadership 150, diplomacy 0, jedi level 200 and ability to train jedi knights

8) Gave Darth Vador 100 on all skills and 120 jedi

9) to avoid character elimination. I decreased probabilty of Assassination to 0



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one thing that you could try doing as well is trying lowering the cost and matince of his ships by 1/4


one thing that I have done in one of my games recently is lowering the mineing and refining rate of mines/refinaries to 1 and lowering the prodution time of all bulilding facilites to 1.


if you do that and let the empire have a 100-250 day head start befor you really start doing much he will have had some time to build up his prodution and be able to really dtart buliding up ships.


:!: in this game i was playing the rebles with my own setting (the ones that I said above plus a few other ajustments) and on about day 220 one of my people made an amazing discovery when on an spying mission on a planet that had 2 shipyards and one more on the way they had a deathstar allready 1/4 of the way complet! and the cost for it was around 528 or so with matence of about 450.

-"The major is a good man means well and works hard. Undortunatly, he would not be able to get a clue if he went out into a field full of horny clues during clue mating season , smeared his naked body with clue musk, and danced the ritual clue mating dance."-


-"Now there's an image I'd really have preferred you'd kept to yourself."-

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Now, i have made some more modifications which have led to the empire to be very aggressive.


I have first of all in Rebed gone into the galaxy mapper and put all the sectors closer together. then , i made every single system colonized. the empire is now all over the galaxy expanding. then, i did what canno and others have suggested. i lowered the empire's cost of ships and maintenance by 25% and increased the production rate of refineries and mines by 2 points , they now stand at 3


i would say that by day 150 the entire galaxy is hopping with abductions, assaults on planets, and expansion.


i am very satisifed. this is giving me a run. i will observe in the scientific method and seek to perfect my Config even more.


See, my hypothesis was that if I make every world colonized, the empire can devote it's resources to expansion and skipping the fog of war effect.

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:arrow: I can't understand how do you guys test the AI ..... Can you see his ships ? How and were is building it ? His stupid moves and missions ?



:arrow: If so you would have noticed that the AI will assoult a planet only after probeing or spyng a planet. I have seen hudge fleets waiting for 2-3 probes to succed.



:arrow: So for God sake use the traitor/spy program to see what the AI is doing.


:arrow: It goes like this start 6 games make some important moves ;save and then change and see the AI ......imagine how much corect you get.



:arrow: The program is in the mod tools file in the PTESB TC.



:arrow: Hmmmm I think the Expansion Patch is missing who ever wants him just email me.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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