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Home one anybody?

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  • SWR Staff - Executive

heh if you want to play with it go into the data\scripts\starting fleets\ and add it its called reb_home_one_cruiser


there will be a mini patch to fix the build issues,.

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when your in the "Starting Fleets" directory, there a a number of files that dictate what objects are included in a starting fleet when a game Warlords or home world


what I did was edit the Rebel00.lua file with an extra entry for Home One


here is what you want to add to the content of the file



type = "Reb_Home_One_Cruiser",

subsystems = {},

shiphold = {},

name = "",

size = 1,

number = 1,



this entry will give you "One" Independance Cruiser right when the battle starts you can edit the "Number" entry but I'd say that watch what fleet size you use. I don't know what would happen with 40+ crusers spawning at the start when you can only build 15 cruisers on Large fleet size. Hope that helps.




On a side note EvilleJedi, I think that the Home One model is a little too fat when it comes to the hight and the bottem side is WAY too rounded. point is that it needs to be flattened out a bit IHMO. Still it is cool to have it in the game

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  • SWR Staff - Executive

this model was actually using the profiles of homeone from ILM models



some of the bumps on the bottom may make it seem more rounded, but when the model was made that was used for reference for the side view

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Really?! I when I first used it in the game it dident seem like it, but OK. Also not to be a jerk, but are you going to add some windows to the texturing, by comparison to the other Mon Cal ships it looks a little bland.
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