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The Great War!!!!!


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The rebels began scattered… there fleets weak, there planets in Peril.

As supreme Leader of the Alliance, I was worried.


Alliance Fleet (Note, everything, EVERYTHING, except fighters has been reduced in Maint and Contruction cost by ½)

2 Quasar Carriers (Alliance Carriers, no changes)

4 Bulk Cruisers (Added a tiny bit of firepower)

6 Corvettes (Standard)

2 Medium Transports (Standard)


I began by sending a medium Tranport out to my HQ from Uvena, which was just north of Sesswanna. The 2 planets there were weak and Pathetic… 4 mines and 3 refiniries, plus a single construction yard. I began expansion there immediately, building more yards.


In the Corellian Sector, I had Xyquin, with a Quasar cruiser and a bulk Cruiser. 2 Y-Wings and an X-Wing rounded out the group. A single training facility enabled me to begin straining spec forces to try and take a loyal world back.


In the Fakir Sector, I had no defense forces… a single training facility and 2 planets. The imperials held nothing however, so that eased my fears. I began training infantry to defend against attacks, fearful of Imperial predatations, for they were valuable in mines and refineries.


In Sluis, I had orto and Sullust, with orto having a construction yard and sullust a training facility. I began expanding there construction capabilities, as well as training spec forces for defense against the 4 loyal Imperial planets held there and one rebel!


In farfin I concentrated my fleet… all but the correlian defense fleet, the medium transport at my HQ and a bulk cruiser that was in the dolomar sector. My 3 resource and contruction ability rich planets there and there weak 2 planets made it ripe for the taking… or so I though. My diplomats immediately headed out for the sector.


Dolomar had me with 2 planets, and the imps with 3. Mine had a shipyard and a training facility, so I started to train for an early planetary assault against the loyal rebel system there.


The first 50 days went on uneventfully. My expansion into the rim was going well, with a planet expanding with plenty of shipyards. Things seemed good, as a planet was swayed over to my side in the Farfin Sector, drawing the others closer.

Then Disaster struck. My spec forces in Correllia had been hounding at the Rebel loyal selonia for quite some time. We managed to get it into an uprising, but then an Imperial fleet of 4 Vics, 2 galleons (Which are changed in my game to carry 2 fighters) and 3 carracks.

My forces were forced to withdraw… they had enough firepower to slag the fleet.

The next day, Bombardment, and my 3 defense regiments were annihalted… the world fell that day.


They retreated up to Sesswanna and were then sent to dolomar, to aid the small attack fleet assembled there.


In the next 15 days, Farfin became HIGHLY contested. I brought 5 of the worlds to my side, and he brought 4 of them. The last one refused to go either way. The next 30 days were a game of cat and mouse. His fleet comprised of a Vic, 2 Imps, and 4 dreadnoughts. My fleet was pathetic compared to that.

5 corvettes, 2 bulk cruisers, a quasar cruiser with fighters and a medium transport. Another Quasar would be joining me at about day 80 with 4 fighters, but I was worried I’d lose the shipyards by then!

We chased each other all over the place. My fleet split up into 2 elements and harassed his planets, blockading, leaving, returning. They all had at least one shields, and my entire fleet couldn’t even get through one! So I just sniped at his fleets, entering, taking out a few fighters then running like hell!

He brought his fleet in just as sabateurs struck, taking down my 2nd gencore, and assaulted my primary contruction planet. It fell quickly.

It also swung the last planet over to my side.

I staged a feint, using my 2 bulk cruisers and 2 corvettes to draw his fleet away, then brought in the rest of my fleet and blockaded the planet. I used Han and Chewie to take out 3 of the regiments before being driven off. The uprising had begun!


15 days later and I regained the planet. However, his fleet still hunted mine relentlessly, showing up over planets, blockading for a few days before leading.


In Farfin, 4 planets suddenly became loyal imperials, making trouble for my 2 planets there. In Sesswanna, I’d expanded to have gencores and LNR defenses.


Dolomar was quiet… at day 120 I had 2 bulk cruiser’s, a quasar cruiser with 6 fighters, 2 corvettes and 3 medium transports… I headed off to the planet that was loyal to me. I crushed the weak fighter defense and took the planet… swinging the rest of the planets to my side, 8 of mine vs 2 of theres. I went in after the next planet… and encountered a Vic, 2 dreadnoughts and 4 carracks. Plus a dozen or so ground based Tie fighter squadrons. I might of taken em, but I doubted it. I decided a withdrawal was the best idea.

Another game of Cat and mouse. More fighter losses for the imps, but his fleet didn’t carry much of em in the first place.

That went on for another 30 days before my first nebulon-B popped out, and he added another Vic to the fleet. I then engaged his fleet, nailing a Vic in exchange for a bulk and the other bulk being dead in space. He then withdrew. More Cat and mouse until I got another nebulon-B and managed to maintain control over one of there planets. I managed to eventually take the planet as my fleet increased with 4 more nebulon-B’s and numerous support craft.

I drove him out by about day 220, giving me the dolomar sector.


In Farfin, the was was continuing. A 4 dreadnought element had arrived from my HQ sector (Being the best thing I could build when I made them) and with there help I managed to play some more cat and mouse. Nothing exciting happened.

The real fight didn’t happen until 250 when half of my dolomar fleet arrived, and then my first MC80a came out of hyperspace looking for a scrap.


Day 200 my Sluis Sector had expanded to have a nice fleet of a quasar, 2 corvettes, 3 medium transports and a nebulon-B. I assault Sluis Van. I also brought in the diplomats from Farfin giving my the ability to recruit in more planets. 5 Rebel, 5 Imps. They had no actual defense fleet aside from a single carrack and fighters on the planets, so I chased them around, destroying there fighters before taking over 3 of there planets. Unfortunately, I overextended myself in this and they retook one of them with a reinforcement fleet of a Victory and a Dreadnought, causing another one to start uprising.

Day 250 there I had a MC80a now, and so I managed to scare em off and retake the planet.


However, they brought in enough firepower that it was more Cat and Mouse, with me unable to take planets and him as well. So it’s at a standstill as of day 320.


At the conclusion of the dolomar campaign, I’d split my fleet into 2 elements… 1 contained 3 quasars with full fighters, 3 bulk cruisers and 2 corvettes, was sent into a neutral world of the correllian sector, and then moved to strike Xyquin. This resulted in a battle in which I took on a Victory, a Lancer and an Imperial, knocking out the Imperial and there fighters in exhange for them disabling a bulk cruiser and damaging another one, as well as taking out 8 of my fighter squadrons, and I retook the world, causing another to join me. A strike at selonia and 3 more swung over… Unfortunately, nothing except a single training facility on all the 5 worlds. The constant battering against the imp forces weakens me down to no fighters, enabling his fleet of 2 Vics and an Imp to chase my fleet around. I pull the fleet out for refit, as they were heavily damaged. The imps don’t have sufficient troops to take the worlds at least. That’s at day 320.


Farfin again, my fleet engages his fleet.


3 quasars

4 dreadnoughts

8 corvettes

6 MC40 (Nebulon without fighters and added weapons)

2 Nebulon-B’s

1 MC80a

3 Bulk Cruisers

3 Medium Transports

17 X-Wings

7 Y-Wings

1 A-Wing



3 Imperials

5 Victory’s

4 Dreadnoughts

1 Carrack

3 Galleon’s

Pretty much full on fighters, mix of bombers/TF

Plus additional Ground based Fighters


Another Note: Fighters weapons tripled, fighters shields doubled. Ties without shields given 4 shields (just to represent more damage have to be taken)


An extremely long fight, takes me 10 minutes.

My fighters and Corvettes engage his fighters, and the end result is my fighters die and it takes another few volleys for my corvettes to finish em of. During that time, I’ve concentrated on taking down his Vics…

3 of his are disabled to me in exchange for 2 MC40’s and my 3 bulk cruisers (wonder why they wasted there fire) being disabled. An Imp is disabled for another MC40, and he starts retreating. In the retreating fire, I disable another Vic for an MC40.


End Result…

Rebel Losses

4 Disabled MC40’s, 3 with no weapons, only hyperdrives, and one with NOTHING!!!

All fighters

3 Bulk Cruisers, and only one of which can jump to Hyperspace

And one of my corvettes took damage from his fighters… brought shield recharge to 0 but didn’t do any damage to the hull.


Imperial Losses

1 Imperial

4 Victory’s

All Fighters (Must have been at least 40 of em!)


I capture the planet, capture another one. His remaining fleet shows up, destroyes my 2 bulk cruisers and the MC40 that were left behind, but I alrdy have Gencores, so he leaves. I then take one more of his planets.

However, my troops are producing slow due to a lack of resources. Because of this I have insufficient men to take over the final planet. I have driven it to uprising through all of my victories, but it has gencores and my sabatagers are getting caught…

As of Day 320 however, the Rebel Alliance is declaring the Farfin Sector Firmly in there control, but not pacified.


Day 320:

Outer Rim: One entire Sectore colonized with 2 shipyard planets, each with 8 shipyards, Two Construction Worlds, each with 6 Contruction Yards and a Training Facilty with 6 Advanced Training. The rest are all Mines/Refiniries.

A second Sector is completely controlled, 2 worlds with Construction Yards each with 6. Still building up mines.


Dolomar is Rebel, Farfin will be ours within 10-20 days.

Sluis is split 6 rebel 4 imps, our fleet is a bit ahead, and when Farfin reinforcements arrive it will be done within days. Estimated time: 80 days until Rebel Controlled.

Correllia is split 50/50, in danger due to no Ships in system save a single heavily damaged Bulk Cruiser

The 2 planets in Fakir are heavily defended, each has 8 Alliance Army regiments, 4 sullustan and 6 Fleet Regiments. One has a Gencore and LNR, the other 2 Gencores. Our position is considered secure for now.

Sesswanna is in serious danger. The gencores at the 2 bases there are repeatedly sabotaged, but no moves are made against them.


Estimated Imperial Fleet

6 Imperials

12-15 Victory

7-10 Dreadnoughts

5-8 Carracks

1-4 Lancers

10-15 Galleons (They like making em for some reason *shrug*)

Locations seem to change constantly… and the number is constantly increasing


Rebel Fleet

4 MC80a and 8 Gunships just finishing production in HQ sector

4 X-wings at alliance HQ (That’s right… that’s it!)

1 Dreadnought, 2 MC40’s, 4 Corvettes, 2 Medium Transports as Dolomar Defense Fleet

1 MC80a, 4 dreadnoughts, 6 MC40’s, 3 Nebulon-B’s, 3 Quasar Fire Cruisers, 9 Corvettes, 1 Bulk Transport, 3 Medium Transports in Farfin

3 Quasar, 2 Corvettes, 2 Bulk Cruisers en route to Dolomar for refit/repairs

2 Quasar, 2 Corvettes, 1 Nebulon, 1 MC80a, 1 MC40 in Sluis sector


I’ve had to cut back on production due to lack of resources, but that is changing rapidly as mines and refineries are being brought online at an astounding rate (1 of each at least every 7-8 days).


Keep you updated as time goes on!

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Indeed, your first few lines indicated your alignment, which prevented me from reading any further along moral lines.


However, given such dedication and detail; I will award your post with a suitable 'Woo-Destroyer,' despite your obvious contamination with the rebel-disease.


http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TQAQA6IYP!i7M3qmr1UQX1MvlalUgmlmL9NKNFdRm2LF5A3hdGr*ACuA61oXoQ2jFSDPO5MCPi!SAHU4jRW0bZ*xRP!TVHxKBza68LHoI4juotjUpWkglQ/Stardestroyer_Woo.gifFor tales like this are yay! :)

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for the record... i don't actually have a preference for either side.

My friend however refuses to touch rebels, he NEVER has played them. We play against each other, so I've gotta get good at rebels. So far I've killed him every time within 600 days...

I got him to surrender 80 days in when i showed up and took over all of Sesswanna, but i still wanna do better...

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Ah, and the fight continues!


Farfin fell within 15 days to the superior strength of my forces.

Unfortunately, the ships in the sector all took extremely heavy damage. As such, they were sent to get repairs. Due to the extent of the damage, the actual combat fleet will be unable to leave for a good 30 days. The small fleet that is to be left behind to defend the sector is also heavily damaged.

A complete overhaul of all the facilities in the sector is also beginning.


In the HQ sector, a horrifying scene occurred at day 346. A carrack cruiser showed as inbound. Alliance forces immediately scrambled. A nearby planet was made defensible and the HQ moved. Then the 2 nebulons in the sector were called in to the former HQ location. A Correlian Destroyer (Similar arnament to neb-B, but carries 1 inf, 1 fighter, and has really fast speed) was sent to the new HQ location to defend it.

The 2 nebulons and there 4 X-wings met the Carrack and it fled. Unfortunately, this meant they had discovered the world, and by extension, the entire sector. As such, in the near outward sector a planet had 4 Gencore’s, 2 LRN’s and 2 Ground Based Ion cannons constructed. The nebulons, plus additional X-wings to round out the total X-wings to 4 wings (Wing is 3 squadrons right? For rebs it seems at least. Imps are 6 I think.) 2 Wings of B-Wings were also contructed and sent there. Defenses were erected and the sector made ready to defend.


Sarka of the Dolomar sector had gone into uprising, so a battlefleet that had just finished construction moved over the sector and landed its troops in addition to the sector defense forces. It took 20 days to put down the uprising, and the fleet was sent to the Sesswanna sector to begin offensive operations. It was a weak fleet, consisting of 2 Corvettes, a MC80a, a medium transport and a bulk transport. It was mainly the ships that needed repairs from the Dolomar campaign.

However, a fleet consisting of 4 MC80a’s and 8 Gunships was also sent to the Sesswanna sector from the HQ sector. Offensives are to begin on 380.


The fleet that had fled from Correllia to Dolomar had arrived and had replaced its fighters. However, their ships needed repairs so they were forced to wait for repairs.


In the Sluis Sector, the alliance fleet has achieved victory over the Imperial Fleet. However, they all have 2 Gencores and the fleet isn’t weak enough to break through. Repeated attempts to sabotage have failed, so the fleet is waiting.


Disturbing news has arrived from Fakir. Recent intelligence pins there Imperial Star Destroyer numbers at 18, as a fleet was spotted with a ship labeled Imperial Star Destroyer 18 still being built. This is far higher then the Alliance has predicted, and could pose serious problems.


As of day 370, the Alliance forces look to be weaker, but are better positioned to deal with the Imperial Threat then the vice versa (I think)!

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I hope the Imperials fight with furousity and kick your rebel butt. Just joking, but I am after all a Grand Moff you can't expect me to wish the rebels well.-Grand Moff Conway
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All of this to pretty much win.


Day 450, sesswanna is mine.

A fleet of 5 MC80a's, 3 Quasar Fire Cruisers, 8 gunships, a few corvettes/bulk cruisers.


Pound 2 imps, 4 vics and a carrack over Coruscant. 2 vics 1 imp dead. 1 MC80a's shields went down and thats it. Lost a few squads of fighters too.

Coruscant falls with barely a squeal.


Correllia falls to me by day 460. Sluis was mine at 430.

Fakir is already dropping like flies. there down to 5 there.


I've discovered 4 outer bases and taken them all. I have 6 outer sectors colonized completely, 2 more in progress.


I stopped playing. No sense in continuing. I've won. The enemy forces I've seen

1 imp, 3 vics, 3 dreds, 2 galleons. I have no idea what else there is. There doesn't seem to be anything. Any one of my sector defense fleets could handle there entire fleet, and then i have 3 battle fleets that could crush them without a loss...

*sigh* i need a good human opponent...

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