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They are the elite of the Tie Fighter groups in the Empire and are leaded by the Baron Soontir Fel. After Fel disappeared another guy took over command but i forget his name.




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The 181 fighter wing has an interesting history. Originally, while it was the 181, it was called by everyone the One-eighty-worst, due to the fact it was a wing made up of misfits, rejects, and painfully undertrained pilots. That is, up until Sootir Fel was removed from the command of his dreadnaught, and placed in command as punishment for his actions at the battle of Nar Shadda.


Fel quickly decided to make the best of his situation, and began whipping the wing into shape. Under a long, hard series of training simulations, Fel began reducing the size of the wing, until he was down to just three squadrons of pilots, who now were the bet of the best. The also painted horizontal red stripes on their wings, to distinguish themselves form other fighter groups.


The 181st stayed an elite wing, up until the re-born emperors' attack on the galaxy, when they were disbanded for unknown reasons. They regrouped afterwards however, and quickly rose to the top once again. But sadly, after their leader botched a diplomacy mission to Adumar, the group was permanently disbanded, and has fallen into the annels of history.

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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Yes and if i am not abused, Soonir Fel is the husband of the sister of Antilles. And he disappeared with her, so Antilles wants to cache him a live to find out where she is.


Actually, in the X-Wing comic book 'In the Empire's Service*,' Wedge and the glory boys manage to capture Fel where he reveals to Wedge he's married to his sister... (though no one knows where she is at this point...)


Speaking of abuse, have some fluffy Koalas I made animated badly early this afternoon... We need to sort out you avatar my friend. That white box is beginning to freak me out...







*Might have been 'Blood and Honor.'

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thanks for the responses....always wondered about them. I remember in solo command when they think their fighting them but it turns out their not and that really nagged me so i always wondered what exactly they were.
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