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OMG General Bombardment = evil


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I just finished a long drawn out painful game with my friend. He was the rebs i the imps on a large map, HQ victory.


The game itself was pretty close all the way through. Heavy sabotage on both sides along with decent starting fleets (he got escort carriers. either 1 or 2) ensured that no one would win quickly. Eventually though after a few hundred days it just turned into an indiscriminate General Bombardment fest with each side assaulting, scrapping whatever was there, withdrawing the troops and then burning the planet to a crisp (him with a bunch of escort carriers+fighters, me with a swarm of Lancers/VSDs).


It all started when he managed to get a successful revolt going in the Farfin sector (i had no generals or troop facilities in the area), giving him all of the planets in the sector by turn 50. I responded by assembling enough firepower to general bombard the whole place to dust and then proceeded to burn each world until there wasnt a thing left. He responded by sending his fleet to the corellian sector and doing the same thing...


To make a long story short, by the end of the game SEVEN inhabited sectors were completely obliterated along with a few random planets and most of the Sesswenna sector (except Coruscant, which was solid shields, a troop facility, a shipyard, a construction yard with a billion army regiments + general). I had also obliterated most of the uninhabited outer rim to prevent him from migrating out, so essentially all that was left in the end were 4-5 mostly intact, fiercely defended sectors. The only reason the carnage stopped is because I managed to find where he was relocating his capital via a lucky espionage mission (most just gave me info on the numerous burnt out rebel rocks :) ) and dropped my fleet on it as it arrived ending the game.


Needless to say, we have agreed that General Bombardment is now illegal. Only scrap+withdraw is allowed. Now I was considering some more online play and was just wondering if anyone else has made a "no razing the galaxy" rule :) cause I dont really want to play that kind of game again. I dont mind having maintenance shortages as that is expected, but it is nice to actually be able to build some mines/refineries and fix the problem :)

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I've got an ongoing LAN game with a m8 and we've pretty much agreed on the same rule. The game gets annoying very fast when you wreck a planet (especially early on), so we've found it's much more fun playing with this rule.


Sounds like you had a decent game though.

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the rule is a good one. the game should be about ship battles not just spying and bombarding. Annialating a planet takes the need for a Death star out of the game.

i dont mind bonbarding an undefended planet of its resources but making it unusable is ungentlemanly.

i like to play a "no-bombarding a planet until its useless rule".

is that better, or is that what u meant mate?

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Guest JediIgor

Why don't you guys just use military bombardment? That way it only destroys the shipyards and stuff :).


Personally I like sabotaging the refineries and mines myself more.. that way the other guy goes into negative maintenance :).

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I play with a "No Razing" rule as well. I say you can bomb my bases or burn all the mines and refineries off a planet in a sector I control, but don't reduce a planet to zero resources. Those games usually end very quickly with me quitting out of frustration.


Actually thats what stopped me from wanted to play online when rebellion was hosted on the MSN ZONE. So many Imperial players would use their early ISD/VSD advantage my simply razing an entire sector that a rebel player might get first.


And the only way I found to stop this was very tedious. I had to run 24/7 espionage missions on my own planets to see if an Imperial fleet was coming and station my fleet there to drive them off. This gets very trying when you control 2 or more full sectors and you constantly have to micro all your spies on every single one of your planets.


So "NO RAZING" works well for me :)


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