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Router Issues


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Hi guys,

I know this topic has been done many many times before, and you're all sick of posting about it. But here's the thing...all the information is scattered, and because of a lack of ONE thread containing all the information, it's very difficult figuring out exactly one should do.


As you guys have no doubt guessed from the topic, my router does not allow me to host rebellion games. This REALLY sucks, since many other people on the ladder have the EXACT same problem, which essentially means that as of today, I can't play half the ladder. Which really sucks. Cause since I can play a small number of people, that means very few games (because of time zones, and such).


So, essentially, not being a computer minded person, I'm looking for someone to give me a DETAILED, technical answer here, one which explains what exactly I need to do. I know it involves ports of some sort. The question is which ports exactly, only ingoing or outgoing, or both, or stuff like that.


The Router I use is a NetGear Wireless Router, MR814v2. If you can post router-specific instructions for what to do, I'd be grateful...if not, I'll kinda figure it out, but the more details you can give, the better :)


Btw, DMZ won't cut it, another computer on my network is that. So, yeah, it has to be a port solution.


Thanks again everyone, for the help !

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The cure to your problem is Port-forwarding. That means, you have to open up a port (with a specific number) to host through that. Usually your router settings can be reached on thi internet address:
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i have had similar problems since i networked 3 machines on ONE broardband connection.


I can't host or join a game because i can't see it and they can't see me.


Does this sound like the same problem..?


i'm seriously near to topping myself.. can anyone help me? your advice above is ace lord la forge but actually doing it is another matter as i'm thick.

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Okay, I've been really working on this firewall/router issue for direct connect Reb games.


I'm running windows xp, service pack 2


I have a dsl router with a built-in firewall, and I'm not using the xp firewall.


I opened up the windows firewall settings, and under the exceptions tab, I clicked on the box for MicrosoftDirectplay8. The next tab over, advanced, I clicked on my internet connection, and the settings button.


Services now shows me Direct Connect under the band of 375-475, and running 2500, reb's known port on the gaming zone. I don't have any1 I can test this with right now, but can anyone with some free time get together, and try to connect a reb game with some1 behind a firewall using this settup?


As a reminder, http://www.swrebellion.com/postt1521.html shows some alternative bands that Reb is known to use. (In place of 375 internal port, and 475 External port) -Possibly try those settings out as well if the first set doesn't work?


If I can get some info. on this before any1 else, I'll go ahead and keep updating.

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