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Who are the Rapora?


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Trej requested an Encyclopedia Article on the Rapora. This is based off my own imagination, and therefore could change. If you wan to know more, just ask.


War and conflict are the most constant portion of the known universe, they produce change, social evolution, but compared to those we now face no threat or conflict has measured up.


-Holo documentary, The New Foes, by Wolam Tser


Thirty years after the battle of Endor with the New Republic slowly changing into the fledgling Galactic Federation of Free Alliances a new threat arose on the horizon, the Rapora.


The Rapora are by no means a new part of the galaxy, nor are they a race which hasn’t taken up arms, their history predates both the Old Republic and the Jedi Order.


The history of the Rapora originally began during the reign of the Infinite Empire. Created by the ruling portion of the infinite empire, the Rapora were genetically engineered as weapons against their foes. Every one was force sensitive, every one was a warrior, and every one was indoctrinated into a religious reverence of those who demonstrated the full extent of the powers of the dark side of the force. Then the Infinite Empire fell, its members being scattered across the galaxy. The Rapora ended up on a lonely world in the unknown region and would remain there until a Chiss Expansionary Defense Force patrol, under the command of Mit’thrawn’nuruodo stumbled across the world.


It was as though a darkness inside the Raporan soul had been awaken, the Chiss Patrol was sent reeling, loosing nearly all of its ships. When word of the events eventually got to Senator Palpatine, he took a ship there to make diplomatic contact. The Rapora met the vessel as it arrived, but surprised by the presence of a heavily trained dark side adept, they struck a quiet agreement. Using his connections with the Trade Federation, he managed to smuggle the design for the Droideka to the world, along with more advanced weapons designs.


The Rapora council, the leadership for the world, quietly plotted to use the designs furnished by Palpatine against there neighbors. In an attempt to forestall this shortly after his destruction of outbound flight, Thrawn launched a preemptive strike on the planet, forcing the Rapora’s plans to be delayed over fifty years. Once Thrawn achieved Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy he began to plan for the oncoming threat from the Rapora, funneling resources into the unknown regions and establishing what would become the Empire of the Hand.


The Rapora however learned the strategic value of preemptive strikes. Their first strike was a debilitating blow to the Empire of the Hand, the complete destruction of the Hand of Thrawn complex. The staggering blow enabled them to engage in a broad campaign against the Chiss Consortium along with an alliance of various worlds including the Vagaari.


The Chiss Consortium, desperate and hard pressed called on Galactic Federation of Free Alliances for assistance. A fleet under the command of General Gavin Darklighter was sent into the region. Several Jedi accompanied them. With the defeats that followed the realization of the sheer danger of the Rapora threat led to open war.


Rapora Species.


The average Rapora stands approximately 1.4 Meters tall this figure is misleading because of the average length of the species, which normally is over two meters due to a boney tail. They’re a bipedal predator, with skin and sensory abilities which are distinctly reptilian. Their skin is usually a dusty red-brown in coloration males have a crest of feathers on the rear of the skull and there body is shaped in a distinctly saurian fashion, an S-shaped neck, bird like legs and hips, and a wolf shaped skull. The middle toe of their three toed foot is oversized and curved to make it a devastating weapon during a kick. Their chest cavity, hips, and leg muscles are designed specifically for running and leaping giving them a top speed of over thirty kilometers an hour. Their clawed five finger hands make them able to utilize all human designed technology with ease.


Rapora Weaponry.


It is unknown when but during the Rapora’s quite existence on their barren world, they obtained lightsaber technology. The use of lightsabers has been expanded so that nearly every warrior and pilot is issued a version of this technology. The most common instrument is the Rapora Lanvahok which design is similar to a double blade lightsaber. However one blade is far shorter then the other and the second blade is at a ninety degree angle to the first.


The most common ranged weapon in the Raporan arsenal is the Plasma gun. These fire concentrated blasts of superheated materials. They come in varieties as small as a rifle to ones capable of breaching planetary shields with one direct shot. There effectiveness is much greater then plasma weapons used by the Yuuzhan Vong due to the lack of slight imperfections inherent with Bioengineered arms.

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Sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from Magic. -Arthur C. Clarke

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Guest Admiral_Antilles
I guess you could add it into the 60 Standard Minutes archive, Trej. You could also make a special note that Stellar_Magic was the author of that entry above the description or something.
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Nah, I took up an idea Scathane had offered a very long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away... ) I created a special category that's for "SWR fiction" stuff. So if any of you Role-playing guys wants to add his char to the encyclopedia just PM it to me.
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:arrow: Ohhhhh six moderators on a spider web....



:arrow: For god sake just make a new SWR Forum named : SWFiction & Info.



:arrow: If the RDB II can have a Forum the fiction and data writters can have one two !

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

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:arrow: Spam me dead ! I recived good feedback on the SW vs ST story in the romanian froums 8O just that the replays are in romanian. Remember to finish that story so you can make a new one. Btw I name it SW vs. St (the Raptora event)



:arrow: You also have it here :




:arrow: but usualy the feedback is kind of slow to show up.....but it's good that I can post in one shot :idea::wink: ..and also they have a fanfiction forum :)

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Guest Scathane
I disagree... First of all, only a few people can moderate the encyclopedia, so there's no real risk of clogging. Furthermore, I don't believe that ourmembers have a great multitude of characters, or do they?
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I guess you are right. Its true that while playing an rpg its easier to stick to one character. But maybe some people think differently.

I prefer sticking to the Ioor family.




Click here is you like Trance

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