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Excessivly large, unending battles are the bomb!!!


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Ok, I have always had a saved gane as the rebellion sitting on the very bottom of my list, dating back to when i first started playing. I just never played it. And just today, i decided to play it again.


I was playing as the rebellion, and from looking at the galaxy map, i understood why i never played the game. Neither myself or the comp had full control of any sectors. Most of the sectors were split almost 50/50. It basically looked like chaos.


Then i started searching for my fleets. And i couldnt find any of them. Not around any shipyards, not around my headquarters, nothing. Then i found out why.


Suddenly, one of my fleets dropped out, and began fighting with an imp force. But the fleets were HUGE!!!


Imp Fleet -







6 Lancers

4 Dreadnaughts

3 Escort Carriers

To many fighters to count. I was apparently trying to take Coruscant away from the empire. And of course, Thrawn was in charge of the imps. Go figure.


My fleet, while not as large, was still impressive.


1 Bulwark

7 Dauntless

7 Mon Cal

9 Assault Frigates

2 CC-7700

6 CC-9600

6 Nebulon B frigates

6 Gunships

5 Liberator Cruisers

Lots and lots of B-wings and A-wings, with one odd squadron of Y-wings. With Admiral Lando(wha?) In charge.


Well, I decided then and there that I was in no condition to try and take control of a battle like that, so i let the comp duke it out. Boy,. was that a mistake. End result was two banged up fleets, hanging in space, doing nothing but limping around, and trying to repair themselves. Most of the ships were still int the battle!! I think only four ships had actually been destoryed, one of them being Thrawns SSD. All starfighetrs were gone. It was pathetic. And it obviously wasnt going to end soon.


So i went and took a nap. I woke up almost two hours later, and it was still going on!! Granted, the fleets were much smaller, and even mopre jumbled, but still.


So, i went and took a shower. 45 minutes later, guess what?!?!?! Still going. I was getting pissed. I almost hit the 'get final results' button. Then I remembered how random that was. So i took off for the store. I came back 20 minutes later, to find that i had.....



LOST!!!! Thats right. I waited all that time, for lando to lose. The empire made it out with one VSD II, and 2 Lancers. Needless to say, I was furious. I almost hit my moniter.


But I colled down, and continued on with the game. At least I caused the empire to lose all those ships, right? WRONG!!!


Less than two days later, another fight. This time over Sluis Van. These fleets were almost the same size as the ones that had just beaten each other silly.







6 Carrack

2 Interdictor (No running this time)

1 Dreadnaught

5 Strike cruisers

12 Lancers (I almost shat myself whan i saw that)

2 Escort Carriers

Once again, lots and Lots of TIEs, even a few bombers. Admiral Daala In charge.


My fleet was no where near as impressive, but still huge. It was prolly the leftovers of what i didnt throw at Coruscant.


2 Dauntless

7 Mon Cal

6 CC-9600

9 Assult Frigates

10 Nebulon B

8 Dreadnaughts

7 Gunships

4 Escort Carriers

6 Corvettes

4 Medium Transorts

7 Bulk transport, all empty (I dont understand this either)

Fighters were mostly X-wings and A-wings, with a few B-wings in the mix. Admiral Drayson in command (what was i thinking?)


Well, I didnt want to command this battle either, I was feeling lazy. So, I once again let the comp run the show. While it did its thing, i went and watched a movie. Movie finished. Guess what? STALEMATE!!! Ships were everywhere, floating in space. All the starfighteres were once again gone. But, on the plus side, I appeared to be winning. So i shrugged, and went to wtach another movie. RoTJ to be exact. The movie ended. And aparently, So had the battle. Guess who won this one?


The Empire. It came out with an Interdictor, 2 carracks, and a strike cruiser. I was pissed. This time, I did hit the moniter. But, i had to admit, at least I smashed a whole bunch of Imp ships in the process.


Then, it happened. Another battle over coruscant. I was furious. I had No clue what was going on. So I looked to see what i was working with.


A single Mon Cal, two Nebulon Bs, and a Bulk Cruiser. With a full Complement of A-Wings. And Ackbar. i took command of the battle. And won. Horribly. Thrawn never had a chance. I crushed that blue skinned mongrel like a bug. And I danced for joy.


Then, another battle message. Once again, late arriving forces!!! This time, a single assualt frigate, 4 corvettes, and an escort carrier. Loaded with y-wings. Admiral Solo in command. Daala had met her match. The battle was over almost before began. It was beautiful.


But overall, i cant really claim to have won. Because right after that, i realized that i had 0 fleets left that were capable of taking planets. And i hadnt managed to gain any planets out of it. But hey, it was fun at least.

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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I did that earlier to day, 2 giant fleets killing each other and ended up in a stalemate that looked like I was losing. all of the imperial star destroyers were dead because of my great tactical mind, but I lost the last of my xwings to their lancer frigates. the thing is all of the 'good' capital ships were heavily damaged and disabled. so all was left were my escort carriers and a few corvettes duking it out with some carrack light cruisers and some lancer frigates. I knew I would have lost the battle if I just kept going since the imperials outnumbered me in working capital ships. so I hit get imediate results and turns out I won. I checked the condition of my mon calamari cruiser at the end of the battle and it had recovered half of it's laser recharge rate and I think it turned the battle around.
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It's a bit boring, but...


if you want to win playing the rebels just build :


Escort Carriers,

Nebulon-B frigates.


The Y-wings are for blowing up imperial capital ships, which they will do better than anything else in the game, the Escort Carriers and Nebs are for carrying the Y-wings and killing off any imp leftovers, be they fighters or capships.


It is very important to have a good commander (e.g Luke) and to blow up the ship with the enemy commander on it asap. If you do that, your Y-wings will be able tou outrun enemy Tie interceptors. :twisted:


There's no need to build any other shiptypes, since all the others get you less bang for the same buck or have other disadvantages, like not being able to target both fighters and capships.


You might take along a few A-wings if you expect a lot of enemy fighters, and some B-wings to distract enemy ant-fighter operations, but this will probably not be needed. Just take out his capitals with the Y-wings, then let the Nebs kill off what's left.


As for big battles... I did a MP "big battle" game last week, I remember seeing 5 SSD's and at least 20 ISD2's. I had mostly Carriers and Nebs, and some other suff mixed in for fun. I took out all his SSDs and ISD2's before they even got off a shot at my capitals. I had about 280 Y-wings and his 300 interceptors where simply not up to the task of catching them in time. I don't advise battles this big over the internet... they seem to take forever ;-)

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Fleets that large? have the whole galaxy colonozed after five or six thousand days, with your worlds and your opponents owrlds all mixed together seemingly at random.
I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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my best friend and I used to play sometimes, we'd play for 10+ hours and then when we finally had to quit, just for fun we'd save the game and then gather all our fleets for one VERY big battle.... we usually averaged something like 500 fighters a peice being supported (mostly) by super star destroyers and bulwarks. with maybe 200+ smaller ships each. I found that with fleets this big, both sides take heavy casualties until one side gians a big advantage. and then its over pretty quick. but i have to admit those battles are FUN. Its almost like playing a whole 'nother game when the battle takes 3 plus hours...I love it :D
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Some truly big battles Samaritan, but if you want an endless one...


...try a Carrack against a Correllian Corvette, it really is endless, although i;m not sure about large... :wink:

I've just remembered i've got a signature!
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