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David Redneck was doing his usual work at the Rebellion head quarters. He was in hanger three cleaning the floor when a messanger come over and said,

"There is someone wanting to see you in the briefing room."

"Thankyou sir," he said as he put away his mop and started walking towards the briefing room.


As he walked into the room he found Captain Umic there with a new person. David had never seen this person before.


"This is Tan'Zi," said Captain Umic, "she is new to the rebellion and I have decided that you are to show her around. She will acompanie you during your work day and you will be in charge."


"Nice to meet you Tan'Zi," said David as he reached out his hand...

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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She shook it. Her grip was firm, but not unpleasant. She smiled "Nice to meet you too." Her smile was warm, and extended to her dark brown eyes which glimmered with a hidden laughter. Shoulder length hair, the colour of chocolate, was tied back in a loose ponytail.


As the Captain turned and made his way back to his office she tried to start a conversation,

"So you're the one that's going to show me around hey? Are you a pilot as well?"

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After the introductions David lead Tan'Zi out the door and to the hangers. He showed her everything and than walked her to her quarters.


They settled into their new routine and became great friends.


1 month later.


David was doing his usual rounds when a man walked up to him and said,

"Captain Umic would like to see you in his office."


David strode away towards the office and on arriving he was greated warmly by Umic.

"I have an important issue to discuss with you. You have applied for a place in the new X-wing squadron, yes. Well your application was accepted and you are to start your full time training at 0900 hours."

"Thankyou sir."


"I also want to inform you that Tan'Zi will also be in your squadron. You are to help her get started and tell her for me, for I must be off. Thankyou for you time and I am sure I will see you moving through the ranks in the not to distant future."


"Thankyou Captain, I will not take this job lightly sir."

"Good, thats what I like to hear," said Captain Umic as he headed out the door.


As David left the room he desided to look for Tan'Zi straight away instead of waiting till after his shift.


He walked into hanger five and found Tan'Zi busily working.


"Tan, I need to talk to you for a moment," he said walking towards her...

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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She flicked her dark hair back from a sweaty brow and stood up, wiping her hands.

"What is it? Did that cute Z-95 pilot ask you out after all?" she teased.

He just grinned, shook his head no and told her about their place in the squadron.


"Really?" she gasped. He nodded. "Yes! Finally!" she exalted, "Can't wait till tomorrow!"


They chatted and laughed about it for a few minutes, about how much fun it was going to be and about who'd kick who's butt, before a lieutenant came over and sternly told them to get back to work. Tan grimaced at David and he grinned, mouthed "I'll see you after your shift" and turned to go.


Tan smiled to herself and went back to tinkering with the maintenance droid that had broken down. Not only was she a pilot, she was pretty good with mechanics as well.


"I'll have to get some time in on the simulators tonight." she thought to herself.

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David finished his shift work earlier than usual and went to find Tan, but first he had to stop by his quarters. He opened his door and walked in to take a quick shower. When he was done he put on his clean, not very worn, pilots uniform and looked at himself in the mirror.

You look good in a pilots uniform, he thought to himself as fixed his jacket and made for the door.


He strode through the corridor like he was on top of the world, well he was. He was now a pilot and he had the most gorgeuos and funny pilot as his right hand man, or rether woman.


He met Tan in the corridor and the walked on to the simulator.

Gee she looks great tonight, he thought to himself. She has clearly taken a shower as well and was wearing her pilots uniform to.


"You look lovely tonight...

Pitty your gonna have your ass kicked on the simulator are I would have taken you for a drink."

Tan smiled....

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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"We'll just see about that, I think."


God he looks good in uniform, she thought to herself. He'd clearly had a shower and scrubbed up alright. She wondered if he really meant the comment about her looking lovely. For some reason that only made her all the more determined to beat him.


They took their seats in the simulator with the rest of the squadron and waited as a scenario materialised before them.


The group had been divided into two, half were in their usual X-Wings and the other half were flying as enemy TIE-fighters. As luck would have it, David and Tan were on opposite sides.


Yes, she thought to herself, now I'll show him!


She'd spent a lot of time in the simulator by herself, every day after her shift finished, practising flying the nimble X-Wing. She knew David would be suprised when he saw how much she'd improved, but unfortunately she'd been designated a TIE fighter for the simulation.


Oh well, I can kick him anyway. Just watch me...

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As they sat down on the simulators and the scenario came up he quickly stole a glance at Tan. She looked comfortable here, to comfortable.

Shrugging off the thought he set his mind on the job at hand.


He was flying in formation with the rest of the group when he suddenly had the urge to try a little something. He broke off from the group and when at the TIEs. He shot at one and it desintigrated into space dust.

Then he noticed one of the TIEs comming straight for him...

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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Swooping through the cloud of dust that seconds earlier had been an X-wing, Tan realised she flying straight towards one of the oncoming X-wings. The pilot was good - they tried a couple of quick, evasive maneuvers - but she was better. The training had paid off. Ducking and weaving to avoid being strafed by the lasers, she flew directly at the fighter, returning fire, and at the last minute pulled up on her joystick, bringing her over the top of the X-wing. Slowing almost to a stop and pulling a hard right, she was instantly on it's tail and quickly regained much of her former speed.


The pilot, realising she was on them, turned sharply to the left, but she'd anticipated this. She knew David too well, and there was no doubt he was the pilot of the rogue X-wing.


She laughed a manic laugh as she closed the gap between the two fighters, then prepared to launch a final and cataclysmic volley of fire.

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The pilot of the TIE was good, very good. He/she performed some very interesting manuvers and ended up behind him.

Dang, he thought, thats what you get I guess when you go solo.


The pilot of the TIE was on his tail when he performed a manuver that he had only seen done by one pilot, and that was is father. He cut the engines and than turning them back on he pulled the joysick up, this caused his X-wing to do a loop and whella he was behind the TIE again. This time he didn't waist a second, he fired a huge amount of laser power and whatched as the TIE was redused to the already growing amount of space debre.


"Take that," he said.


After the simultion training was over he walked up to Tan,

"Nice going pilot Tan'Zi," he said in a slightly mocking voice, "you are quite a good pilot, but I am afraid you have under estimated the skill of my piloting. I have not told you but my father is Admeral Redneck himself, one of the most valuable X-wing pilots of the Rebellion."

"Oh well, do you what to go and have a drink my lovely Tan?"

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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Tan sat in almost stunned disbelief as the screen disintegrated around her and the her vision was replaced with the inside of the simulator. Never before had she seen anyone attempt, let alone pull off a maneuver like that. No wonder he was supposed to be teaching her how to fly, and no the other way around!


She stepped out of the stuffy simulator, perspiration from the effort and exhilaration of flying making her space suit stick to her and hug her curves even more.


She saw David stepping out of the simulator as well and started to smile, then frowned, then just ended up smirking at him. Regardless, he offered her a drink and with a resigned grin, she agreed to take him up on it.


"As long as it's strong, and you pay for it!" she quipped, still a little put out at having been blown up by him, and him not telling her that he was Admiral Redneck's son. She supposed she should have guessed.


They made their way to the lounge where some of the less respectable pilots spent most of their time. It was a dingy place, with most of the lighting coming from the red lamps at each table which was seperated from the others by high backed benches, giving you a measure of privacy. The tables and floor were stained with every kind of substance you could imagine, and some you wouldn't want to, and the prevailing odour was of alcohol.


Tan screwed her nose up and sat at the only empty table - it was early evening and most of the squadrons had finished training and were taking a well eanred break. In her head she kept replaying the scene from the simulator, and what she'd do next time. Because there would be a next time, and she'd be ready.

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David followed her to the launge and sat down opposite her.

After ordering some drinks he turned all, and I mean all, his attention to Tan.

"How was that? How bout I teach you that manuver sometime?"

David started to feel slightly uncomfortable. He was intimidated by her beauty.

"Umm..." he said rather uncomfortably,

"When was the last time you saw your family?" he asked quickly diciding to bite his tounge. It was not the time, plus he had only known her for 1 month.

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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They chatted a bit, about her family, his aspirations, where they'd travelled. Turned out they'd both studied at a Rebel Flying academy on Coruscant, and Tan remembered thinking he was cute then as well, not that she said so.


She asked him somthing else, and he started off on a reply, but she wasn't listening. She sat and watched him talk, his smile dimpling his cheeks and his eyes shining as he recounted life on Krant. In a way she was disappointed at his continued persistance in talking about trivial things, and she longed for something deeper.


But it was clear he wasn't interested in her that way. So she just smiled and laughed in all the right places, made some jokes, was funny. Just like she always was.


The waiter droid brought them their drinks and there was a silence as they both sat there sipping them.


Abruptly the silence was broken as a shadow fell across the table and a booming voice said,

"Tan'Zi, you are wanted in the breifing room immediately."


She looked up at the burly messenger, and nodded, a bit confused. She looked back at David who just rolled his eyes, and she smiled inwardly. He's so gorgeous, she thought to herself as she stood up and made her way to the breifing room, acutely aware that he was watching her as she left...

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David sat there for a long time afterwards sipping on his brandy. He didn't know what to do, should he tell her of his true feelings for her or just let it go and see if she liked him to. He was not sure that she liked him. He wanted to have a deep conversation with her but he didn't know where to start. Her had never felt this towards someone before and it was a little scary for him. When he was at the academy training to be a pilot he had liked her to but he was much younger then and he didn't think he would ever see her again. The day of graduation came and he was nearly dying from the pain of not being able to see her again.

He let his thoughts drift for a while, he remembered the time their hands had brush each other, he went red and didn't know what to say except "sorry" and then they had walked away with nothing else said.


He hated how he was when it came to girls, his mind would go blank and he would struggle for words, no that he had much to do with them, girls that is.

After some more thought he discided he would just wait and see if an opportunity presented itself, then he would make a move... Maybe?


He was just finishing his third drink when the bar man came up and said "we are closing now so can you please finish up and move on?"

"Sure," answered David, as he swallowed his last mouth full and walked out.


On his way back to his room he was stopped by man walking towards him.

"David is it?" he said sounding rather formal.

"Yes that’s me."

"General Umic would like to see you in briefing room 2," he said as he started to escort him.


On arriving in the briefing room he saw that there were about six other people in the room all seated around a central table.

"Sit down please Corporal," said Umic as soon as David was in the room.

"Corporal?" asked David.

"Yes, you have been promoted to a Corporal. That is why I brought you here, these men are just witnisess to you promotion. Here is your stripe and your new set of work assignments, you will be doing a lot more flying from now on."

David recieved his v-shaped stripe and attached it to his the sleeve of his uniform.

"Thank you Captain."


After the meeting David may his way back to his room hoping that he would ran into Tan, but he did not. When he arrived in his room he had a show and went to bed, it was very late.


The next morning he went about his new jobs with an air of confidence about him. He got lots of nods from people acknowleging him as being a Corporal.

After his jobs where done he went to find Tan to tel, her the news of his promotion....

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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Tan arrived at the breifing room, still thinking about David but also wondering what she had been summoned for.


The captain greeted her and asked her to sit down.


"It has come to my attention," he said after the formal introductions, "that you are something of a natural when it comes to piloting."


Tan smiled modestly and shrugged.


"I suppose so sir. I have been flying for most of my life. Back home on Dantooine i piloted a some smaller, recreational vehicles, and my parents actually bought me a Z-95 when I turned 18. They always encouraged my interests."


Captain Umic nodded, interested, then continued.


"I also understand you are quite close with David Redneck." he said, looking closely at her.


Hoping desperatley she wasn't blushing she replied, "he is my trainer, yes sir. You put him in charge of me when I arrived and he showed me the ropes."


Again the captain nodded and seemed to mull this over in his mind. After a pause he said,


"I know this will come as a shock to you, but unfortunately, due to information from a very reliable source, we have come to doubt David's alliance to the rebellion."


Shocked, Tan didn't know quite what to say. All she could think of was that it was a joke, it couldn't possibly be true. Obviously someone had gotten their wires crossed.


"With all due respect sir, I've been working with David for over a month and have seen no evidence to arouse suspicion in my mind as to where his alliance lies." she said defensively.


The captain grinned derisivly, "I thought that might be your reaction. You two have got quite close, haven't you?"


Knowing full well that now she was blushing, she replied hotly "our relationship is strictly a working relationship and has never passed those boundaries. " Not that I wouldn't like it to, she thought.


Again the captain grinned. "Well then, I would like to put it to you that you help me in also acheiving the same confidence in Mr. Rednecks alliance." Before she could open her mouth to protest he continued sternly, all trace of a smile wiped from his face. "You will monitor Mr. Redneck and report any even slightly suspicious behaviour to me. Do you understand?"


Her face burning, she simply nodded. The captain smiled gently.


"I don't mean to sound harsh, Tan, but it is a dog eat dog world out there, and we can't take any risks with security. You do this, and you will be rewarded, wether David proves to be loyal or not. For both our sakes, I hope he does."


Tan she nodded. She did understand. But she couldn't believe it. She knew David was no traitor. The captain turned to pick up his coat then turned back to her to say some final words.


"I must go now, I am about to attend the promotion of a friend of yours - yes," he said before she could interupt, "Mr. Redneck has earned the rank of Corporal, and did so before this cloud was cast. Therfore I will continue as normal and he will recieve his promotion. I would not want him to be suspicious of us, if his alliance is not where I hope it is."


With that he left the room, leaving Tan to her thoughts and her confusion...

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David was still search for Tan. He had looked everywhere and still there was no sign of her. Where could she be? he thought....

Oh well, I have something to check on, he thought as he made his way to his room. Once in his room he put on some more comfortable clothes and went to his mirror. Pulling it away he reveal a small laptop computor. He pulled it out, replacing the mirror and wlked over to his desk. He pushed aside the paper work that was starting to acumulate and sat down. After opening it he turned it on and started reading some information that had come up on the screen.


It read:

How are you? Things are going well with the operation here and we are nearly ready to launch our secret weapon. Thanks to you we have been able to continue with this operation and we will make sure that nothing and no one will harm you. We have people waiting incase we need to evacuate you so you needent worry.

Thankyou again.

A. R


David ready though the letter and started writing a reply.


Thankyou for your letter. Yes things are great here, work is good and life is going well. I have been promoted to Corporal and the girl I told you about, well we are going strong as friends. Thanks for you support and I am only willing to help you anytime you need it.

Your truly

C. R


He had just sent it when there was a knock on his door. He closed the laptop and went to open the door....



The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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Arriving at Davids quarters, Tan knocked on the door and waited for him to open it and invite her in.


When he opened the door he was wearing casual clothes and looked relaxed but happy. He excitedly told her the news about being promoted to Corporal and she pretended to be suprised and over the moon for him. She really was happy for him, but the conversation with the captain had left her feeling quite disconcerted.


As they chatted Tan began to feel more and more guilty, wondering how she could ever have doubted David's loyalty, even for a second. Not paying attention to what David was saying, she glanced around his quaters, unconciously looking for anything suspicious, then caught herself and returned her attention to David.


However, before she did, something on his desk caught her eye. It was a state of the art laptop, unaccessible except by the most elite of Admirals because of security restrictions.


David must have sensed her looking at it because his tale faltererd, then he simply laughed and made some excuse along the lines of having relatives in high places.


Getting up, Tan walked over to look at it, a sense of dread welling in her stomach...

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he he! is he actually going to turn out to be a traitor or not? probably should just let the story evolve hey? still, leave it open so it could go either way till someone else joins. luv ya
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Hey people, I'm a new guy; was wonderin if I could jump in on your story.


Character stats.


Name: Elian Istari

Age: 26

Alliance: None

Race: Humanoid

Origin: Unknown

Force: Little

Occupation: Freelance shipping etc. Pilot

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David was rattling on about nothing in particular, when he realised that Tan was looking intently around his room. Thinking nothing of it he kept on talking, then he realised that she had spotted his laptop. He quickly said that having friends in high places had its benefits and then moved on.


"Tan there is something I need to tell you," he said rather hurriedly.

"I have been watching you ever since I first meet you and I think its time you now the truth about me....."


He pushed his hand through his hair and stood up. He walked behind her put a hand on her shoulders and started massaging them.

"You are beautiful you know," he said bending down to whisper in her ear.


"I have been wanting to tell you this for a long time but I wanted to wait till the right moment and I believe that moment has come."

Still bent over her, he continued whispering.


"I am working for somebody... now don't think that I am not loyal to the Rebellion because I am, but I have been sent here to get information. This information does stay within the rebellion mind you and it is totally secret. I cannot tell you what it is but I need to ask you one thing. Will you believe me no matter what people say, because lots of people are going to start spreading rumours and I want you to know that what ever people say they are not true... and please if you don't know whether they are telling the truth or not please just ask me because I would never lie to you."

When he had finished he bent over and kissed her on the forehead...

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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Tan felt as though she was being ripped in two.


Davids hands were on her shoulders, his breath warm against her neck, and all she wanted in the world was to collapse in his arms and forget about everything else. Should she believe him? She'd only known him for a month, and how well did she know him really?


Raising her head, she looked him in the eye and listened as he told her his story. It sounded reasonable; after all, he was the son of Admiral Redneck. Odds were, his dad had him running an information gathering operation without anyone's knowledge to avoid the risk of compromise, and she hadn't asked him to tell her, he'd done it on his own, and why would he give himself away if he was a traitor?


No, she decided, she would trust him. There was no reason not to. With this weigh off her shoulders, she smiled at him and let his arms embrace her. He thought she was beautiful, and that was enough for now...

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A funny felling was starting to well up inside of him. He did not know how to handle it. It was like he wanted to forget about the world around him and just let himself be swept away by the moment, but he also did not want to do anything stupid so he just let the moment go for a little longer.

He sat down next to her and looked deep into her eyes.

"Someone has already said something to you haven't they? Well please trust me," he soothed. He put his hand out and moved some hair from her forehead. He was searching her eyes, they looked sad yet he knew she was not sad.


"Is everything alright beautiful?" He asked gently....

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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Tan dont forget to check your private messages. :wink::wink:


You may find something of interest. :wink::wink:

The shadows are my friend, for in them I find comfort.

But when it comes to war, I'll be with you in a minute.

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