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HW2 Fleet Dedicated to Warlords

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*An Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer rolls into view, stretching out from behind a moon orbiting a planet commonly known as Hilgara,surprising 3 Alliance Mon Calamari Cruisers are escorting it alongside 5 Imperator Mk 2s and various small support craft(lancers,Nebulon-Bs, x-wings, TIE Defenders, etc. etc.)*




Tactical Ops Officer: "Sir, we've attained a viable orbital position to commence operations against the planet, sir."


BlackDeathFleet Admiral: "Good, form a fighter screen and have the frigates set up patrols around us, keep the Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari cruisers on our side of the planet at all times. Make sure nothing stays in our way. Have the Star Destroyers "Unforgettable" and "Phantasmal" set up in bombardement positions above and below us. Prepare to turn this planet to glass...."


*A scene of complete destruction erupts as the Super Star Destroyer and Star Destroyers take their time bombarding the surface of Hilgara until it has been completely glassed over*



The first(maybe, not sure) HW2 fleet(clan) to be completely dedicated to the Warlords mod now exists. It has just started....today, so the website is only in it's beginnings, but everything needs to start somewhere. A couple of us decided to start this. Main goal is just fun, and hopefully competition. ;)


Well, just putting a little plug in. I'd much rather you get in touch with me, but you can do so at our website via forum or enlistment form and then contacting other ways. Here is the link:





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By the way, I just made some more updates to the site. The rank structure is now up at least. I need good people who are willing to assist with some organization of events and such. 2 Command positions for 2 divisions are available. More information is at the site.


IMPORTANT: Even if you're not interested in the fleet, the website is still being developed, any sort of advice for fleet activities, website design, or anything would be appreciated. Fleet Status has some current information up right now. You can leave this advice on the fleet message board or on this one, I check both regularly.

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