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this is a FAQ mainly to answer the very repetative questions that I get annoyed with, It may seem like I'm angry, but I'm really not, I'm just trying to get a message across. Basically anything that isn't on this list is fair game to be added, but this is just the ones I could find.


Q) can I give you a monetary donation?

A) no


Q) things look too small


A) this is because I made the camera able to zoom out more than 6 times what the normal game, you are just abusing a feature that I so graciously enabled




Q) fighters are too small


A) to an extent I understand, it can be an organizational issue and if you really want to zoom in, you have to do some convuluted alt-click camera work, but this is a scale issue, and I want things to scale because it's impressive. As far as the gameplay part goes, I will try to improve the tactical icons and possibly reimplement N-lips so that they are more visible




Q) fighters are too fast and look silly when moving


A) really they aren't, this is a trick played by the tactical icons, if you really want to see that it behaves right I can tell you how to modify the code to see each individual fighter at a distance, and it looks very good. The problem arises because the tactical icon is centered on the fighter group, when they get spread out or one dies the icon teleports. this is really just an interface glitch




Q) the shipyard designs look crappy


A) this is for two reasons




2) these are not fixed facilities, they are portable quickly deployable field equipment (read: tents) the maps that are at shipyard facilities will look much more like what you are probably expecting




Q) there are too many missiles


A) this is really a balance issue, if you look at it, ships like the MC90 get nearly half their total firepower from their torpedo launchers, take this away and they really suck. A lot of SW ships have missiles that they didn't use in the movies (ISD I torps, SSD heavy concussion missiles, mon cal blister bombs) It's better to have the weapons than conform to some idealistic nonsense that SW capital ships don't have missiles


as far as fighters, this is a valid point, a squad tends to hemorage all of its missiles on one target, research is being done to work on fixing this




Q) there are too many lasers


A) lets do some math:


ISD I: 60 turbolasers, 60 ion cannons, each of which can fire lets say once every 15 seconds... this is 640 projectiles from one ship per minute.


I want decently accurate weapon counts, not some potshot contest that doesn't do shit, basically you aren't used to seeing ships actually get angry (KOTOR did a decent job in the planetary bombardment FMV, think of that)




Q) firefights look like christmas


A) hmm rebels are red, imperials are green, ions are blue, SORRY THAT LUCAS CHOSE THESE COLORS




Q) the lasers aren't big enough


A) this is just a visibility issue, and it makes the above issues worse, heavy TL's are already 200 m long at least, also the camera zoom plays a factor, the game removes smaller effects as you zoom out




Q) capital ships die to quick (ISD II)


A) I guess this is an issue of balance, but the real only well documented example is the battle of calimari, where 2 MC90s escorts and a ISD were able to pretty much destroy 2 ISDs and an allegiance in a single salvo, basically some of these ships mount incredible offensive power and really can't take it in (ISD II)




Q) ships shouldn't tilt


A) next time your fleet lies in rubble try telling that to your opponent who can think in three dimensions


famous last words "SHIPS SHOULDN'T TILT?!!!"


also this is a huge problem with the game engine, if the ships don't point their engines in the opposite direction of travel they go REALLY SLOW




they turn around and go BACKWARDS to try to get to the same level




they get dead




Q) capital ships go to fast


A) stop playing Xwing or TIe fighter or XVt and XWA and realize that size means nothing besides slower acceleration. you just have preconcieved notions of what should happen


also try playing on larger maps, you'll thank me after a while




Q) I'm going to complain about the fighter squadron size


A) just stop now, there are so many game engine issues with this...




Q) your models look crappy for having so many polys


A) okay the textures suck, but here's an interesting fact


starwars ships are basically junk heaps, their geometry is so irregular that a lot of polys are burned in the general shape of the ships, leaving less for detail. Stock homeworld ships are just extruded boxes, maybe 150 polys for the underlying shape. A star destroyer requires at least 1000 polys to even look like a star destroyer (or at least determine which class of SD it is)






A) you mean sensor domes... go read technical commentaries, believe what you will, but it won't change the mod


Q) I've heard of this thing called GCO and they are using your mod...


A) yes I am working with them



Q) I have some other complaint


A) remember this is a BETA STUFF ISN'T DONE YET, but I will listen and answer and may add it to this list! be proud![/b]

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