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:arrow: Well it is a file from Rebellion game folder .....now the interesting part:


- It seems that the AI strategy has to do something with the Textstra.dll



Example: As you know this month I was doing exstensive AI testing with notes regarding his actions...and my texstra.dll gets damaged one day.(the Big ships get named after small with no apparent change in the file numbers :?:)..... So I use the Texstra.dll from the PTESB 2.4 and start testin again ....


.....I usualy test 3-6 savegames per one change useing the Spy (traitor)Program .....


...and to my horror the AI starts to behave like in the 2.4.....building like in 2.4 same dates same numbers of ships same agresivity etc.


....I was crushed .....my glourious 2.5 was destroyed ....all my work. then I started to wander why ....the stats where the same as in the 2.5 why the Ai behaves like in the 2.4 :? .....well beacuse the Texstra.dll is from the 2.4.


.....so is start manualy reloading all the cards (2.5 ones) and make the necesary saves.....*the Textstra.dll gets modified in the process...and gues what the AI becomes again agressive like in the 2.5..



.....The final test should be use the 2.5 Texstra.dll on a unmoded Rebellion and see how the AI behaves. But I will not risk reinstalling Rebellion until the 2.5 is up on the site.



:arrow: Also the AI has a building startegy decided in advance: Ex I've lowered the DS II to aproximatley to 100/100 and the AI was building it around day 600 .....I saved before that date....remoded the DS II to 800/800 the AI on the day 600 was starting to build a DS II no matter the new cost wich was showing in the days until complition etc.



:arrow: ... The main problem in the PTESB was why the rebels are so agressive and the Imperials no :? ....well now I found the answer. And the Imperials are agressive as well.


:arrow: Also it was difficult to make the AI build some ships and not the others and in what numbers.....The AI has a compare system and if your stats are not balanced corectly ....well you know...also the stats influence directly the AI startegy ...and much more .


:arrow: Basicaly the PTESB is the direct descendent of the first Protectorate ......but never before I invested a hole month in spyng and moding the AI .....


:arrow: I had to keep notice of the changes .....ex. Incrise by 20 the ion the the MC ...result = The imperial Advance in 6 games get's delayed by 100-200 days ..... undone the mod - 20 ion the Imperials attack 100 day early again.


:arrow: The 2.5 works ok now ....the only problem that will delay the AI by 150-200 days will be that he will only get 1-2 shipyards.....and he will be unable to build them soon enough.


:arrow: Also the AI will not build ships or troops on Coruscant.....no matter what I've tried .... but he gets other facilitys that he don't want to use :? on other planets ....etc. But he build facilitys on Coruscant ..... :?


:arrow: gtg now :(

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I somehow doubt that, TEXTSTRA.DLL, as we know is only for the names of basically everything.


I assume that the AI is related to Rebexe, or even the dats.

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:arrow:...then how two identical Texstra.dll's named the ships differently and influenced the AI so much ?!?...it may be another file but wich one ?!


:arrow: hmmmm...I still have to do some tests but since it was the only thing that was changed I assumed that it must be there some AI log file or something. I will try to see by knowing for sure that the AI has a "log" file made at the start of a game .... it is very confusing ...still I'm coming near an answer soon.....


:arrow: ... Will see :)...this problem was not my first priority I only tried to make the Imperials as agressive as the rebels wich I did ....events in this procces maked me ask my self some questions :wink:


:arrow: ...now that I think twice it seems that I will have to find the file that is directly influenceing the AI strategy.



Rest of the stuff.



The AI needs to see before an major attack. 1 out of 3 spy/rec attempts made by the AI are cheats :evil:


Moding the stats will make the AI think that some shuips are expendable and easy to rebuild so he will use them more often.


The AI will build only if that ship's stats are ok for him in the big picture and at the apropiate time.


A simple + 2 to build stats and the AI will build less of that ships + 4 and he will no longe build ....etc.


Question How you will make the AI agressive ?!


Well let him think that it is easy for him also that he is in difficulty :)



Ex. The Imperials get the SSD from the start so the rebels will try to level that....the imperials have less ships and also try to level that with the rebels.


.....anyway it is like a spider web..... but now it works in a weay that helps the AI and not the human player.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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