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WorldShip or Other Vong Cards


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Even if it's the Reload TC, I can be of some help :)


For four years, I've been working on a Vong TC and I've recently completed it. I'm now doing a Web page on it, so it wil be pretty easy to download it. So expect an anoucement this month ... if school let me work on it :(


For now, let me gave you a preview ... I'll take Corran Horn and Nas Choka :





EDIT:Hoping it will work this time :wink:

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Hmm, I only get the automatic redirection image from Angelfire, that underlines their weird policy for not allowing remote links.


Could you put some of the preview pics on a html page and post the link here, Gambit ?

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I'm back !


I think that I was able to found an other host for the pics, so they should be up now ... and because the thread is about ships, I'm giving you ... the deadly Yorik-et, normally call the Coralskipper



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Sadly, school and love life is taking a lot of my time ...


I'm now playing a complete game to see if there's any bugs and to balance each stats. When this will be finish, I'll put every cards, DLLs and save game to see what i've done.


There's really a bunch of cards; In fact, every Character has a new card, same as Troops, SpecForce and Defense. I've been more lousy with the ships, as 11 ships are back, and I normally use the X-wing and B-wing. All these cards have new Encyclopedia entry, greatly 'inspire' by the unofficial Encyclopedia.


So expect some news during December, and I promise that the site will be online by Christmas. As an other preview, here is Grand Admiral Gilad Pelleaon, Commander in chief of the Imperial Remant.



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Yeah, sources for Vong Pics aren't easy to find. I visit many Fanart forums to finally found 26 different pictures ... that's why it took me 4 years to finish the TC !!!


As for the Gilad Pelleaon pics, it's coming from the NJO japanese cover, wich are simply awesome :D . And thanks for the tips, i'll see what I can do to correct it.


And because I'm loving do give you sneak peak, Here's an other one : Harrar, Priest of the Yuuzhan Vong :





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