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Vs. 0.28 = Vs. 0.26.c ?!


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One is on SWR Downloads and one on http://www.swrebellion.com/evillejedi/faq.php.



If the 0.28 is better I will have a heart attack after I invested so much effort in downloading the 0.26.c ......and I will feal like killing somewane.



Now I'm downloading the H 2 patch 1.1 :)



...and I will feedback you soon......hey btw Evillejedi you didn't send to us RDB II no feedback on P II ....hmmm...that is not nice from you :cry: .....since we are colegues on SWR :)



:arrow: maybe you changed the link and is the same one ?!.....the 0.26.c has become 0.28 ?......if not :evil::evil::evil::x:?

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I thought the same thing too after downloading 0.28 (a week after 0.26c :wink: ).


But there are some differences I've noticed, several new star ships (of which I'm woundering if the E-Wing and XJ-Wing were meant to be in it judging from the ship list? :? ?)

I've also noticed the games more stable and there are new effects. Umm, with the effects though - some of the explosions are too big and now when a ship gets destroyed or badly damaged debris appears (which is really cool), but I've had the debris bigger than the cruiser it came from!!! Like an Enforcer that had a peice of debris larger than the ISD it was parked next to 8O !




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:arrow: First look Fedback :)



:arrow: The fighters should be a little bigger ..... I will love to admire them but I need to make extrem zooms ......also they seem to strong .


:arrow: I completly anihilated the imperials with my H2 tactics.



:arrow: The big ships fire in the same line the first is not makeing way for the second line of fire .



:arrow: The menus need improveing with text and different 2D pics.



:arrow: The textures seem ok from my point of view.



:arrow: I will love a new apparition type for the ships comming out of shipiards.


Ex wehn the ship is build he appears in a transpatrency collor and then at the end he gets the finished textures.



:arrow: The fighters don't have engine glow ?!



:arrow: and i only tested the 26.c since the rest wont work !?! I will try again.



That is all that I can say for now :)......btw the overall quality of the TC is close to the H2 quality so.....a verry impresive work ..... thanks :)

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  • SWR Staff - Executive

cain: sorry, I don't have rebellion installed and i've been very busy with this mod and school, I'll look at it eventually :P


fighters will stay the same size, it's a personal choice, I will try implementing the NLIPS to make them more like HW2, but so far this feature has caused nothing but bugs so I removed it.


the ships shooting each other in a line is a side effect of shields, you can either have shields or accurate shooting, not both, it's an game limitation, I vote for shields.


interface is the last thing I have to worry about, it;s beta :P


making build animations is impossible, I have reasons for the current build method regardless of how ugly it looks.


fighter engine glows don't work yet, this is an import issue

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:arrow: finaly a SWr notification :)......well playng your mod made me replay H2 to see the differences....what about the menus ? can the SW mod have the menus improved ?



:arrow: ...well you should try the PTESB ......I will put up the 2.5 soon and for 4 days I am working non stop on the Imperial AI and I think I got it ....since I've bean defeated by the AI around day 1000.... 8O:x




:arrow: The rebel AI was ok in the 2.4 so I will double chek to see if it is ok :)......anyway the art is the same as in the 2.4 so you could download and try the 2.4 :)....I think new 600 pics hand made with pixel work in 6 months...must worth 15 minutes of seeing......:)



:arrow: We will keep in tuch :)

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