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Tiger Squadron

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Now I must again state that I hope we will get a section of this site dedicated to Fanfiction. In the hope of putting more pressure for this goal I'm expanding my writing. I'll continue the SW vs ST and keep Stellar Magic locked up, but I present to you the opening sequence for a new Star Wars fanfiction. Set over a year before yavin, Tiger Squadron hopes to show the Galactic civil war in its entirity from the earliest fights of the rebelllion on.


So I here by give you Tiger Squadron: Episode 1 Scene 1


Space was both infinitely vast, and infinitely deadly, Lieutenant Garik Rosh reflected as he starred out the transparisteel viewport of the rickety YT-1300 Transport Rose of Earl. He sat back, slumped behind the pilot’s seat with his cap over his face as he tried to sleep. Beyond the viewport was the swirling blue maelstrom of hyperspace. The pilot was an older man whose craggy beard hid almost any other feature from him. Beside him was a young woman in the copilot’s seat, she hadn’t told anyone else her name and hardly spoke.


With a flash the glistening tunnel of hyperspace faded to star lines and then to individual stars. Ahead the craggy reddish line that crossed the system’s lone star revealed the presence of an asteroid belt. Ahead a distant rotating flash of light identified the base’s entrance. The old pilot smiled to his passengers, “Buckle in folks, we’re heading in.”


The woman nodded and leaned forward cupping her hand to the microphone, “Base Site: Alpha-Four this is transport Rose of Earl, passcode Alpha-Eight-Epsilon-Four-Beta.”


“Roger, this is Base, welcome back Rose of Earl. Make your vector nine-eight-point-one,” the comm link replied. The communication’s distortion rendered it both genderless and species less.


Garik sighed as he pulled the data pad from his pack and pulled the card from his baggage. On it had been instructions that said he wasn’t to use it until they’d entered an asteroid field. Apparently this had been the asteroid field the card’s cover had spoke of. He inserted the card and keyed up a text file, the only file on the card. It looked scrambled but Garik keyed in a decrypt code that changed the random letters into recognizable symbols, and orders.


Garik Rosh was to head the training and command of a squadron whose pilots had been assembled and transported to Base Alpha-Four. Garik felt a huge amount of pressure descend on his shoulders, he was to lead a squadron and train them. He sighed. It had only been a few weeks since he’d pulled out of the Academy, a mere lieutenant. If one thing showed the difference between the rebels and the Imperials it was the fact that he was now in a position of trust.


A rumble made the viewport shake as a pair of Z-95 headhunters flashed past the cockpit and banked to make another run toward them. Seconds later the two fighters settled into twin positions on the wings of the transport flanking them. Ahead one of the asteroids rolled to reveal a cavernous hanger bay dug into the solid rock. Slowly with delicate care the elderly pilot maneuvered the YT-1300 into the bay as the two headhunters settled in beside it.


With a thump the transport settled down onto the deck of the hanger. The ramped hissed open and a younger man wearing a blue jacket with red piping over a green shirt stepped down in front of the ramp. He held a red and green cap under his arms as he waited, on its bill was the rebel crescent and above that was the classic simple of captain.


Garik stepped down the ramp and smiled slightly at the captain as he extended a hand, “Lieutenant Rosh, reporting.”


“Captain John Crenel, base commander,” The captain answered as he took his hand. The captain smiled slightly as he pulled the cap back on. He glanced at the cloaked woman from the transport as she stepped forward, “And you are?”


“Julia Flare, the intelligence transfer,” The woman said as she lowered the hood and Garik got a look at the face beneath it. One of her eyebrows was thin in the center where a burn must have taken away the hair. Her eyes were a penetrating green and her hair a dark that was only a few shades from black. She had the elegant face of a woman who could have made a career as a holovid star, if given the opportunity. She smiled faintly at the two of them then turned to Garik, “Lieutenant, am I to assume you’re hear for the same reason I am?”


“If you mean the squadron that’s forming up, yes, Captain what sort of materials do you have for that?” Garik answered her then turned to face John.


John sighed, “Not good I’m afraid, we’ve got six Z-95s, of various configurations and a pair of Y-wings, one a trainer.”


Garik nodded slightly, “Let me see your simulators…”


“That may be a problem sir, we don’t have any.”


“No simulators?” Garik asked shock overwhelming him. He sighed slowly, “I have to train eleven pilots, without simulators, in the middle of an asteroid field.”


The captain slapped his shoulder, “If it makes you feel any better I’ve got to keep this base running with only ten people, welcome to the Rebel Alliance.”


Julia turned back to her new commander, “Lieutenant, I just transferred from intelligence, I’ve been assigned as both a pilot and an intel officer, get used to the strain, we’ve all got some.”


“Thanks,” Garik answered as he glared at the two officers. With a sigh he decided to get on with it, “Okay let’s meet the pilots…if we can even call them that.”


I know its short but give it time... I only just started playing with the idea. :wink:

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