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Scrapping facilities - Do or do not?


Is it fair to scrap the enemies facilities?  

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  1. 1. Is it fair to scrap the enemies facilities?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Only when you both agre in advance

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Personally I don't like but do use the tactic of invading a system and scrapping all facilities. This includes mines and refineries.

More subtle but actually the same: Blockade (not necessary) the system, and continiously send SpecForces down to sabotage all these facilities.


What do you guys think, is this to be allowed? Or do you have other suggestions on this?

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:arrow: Well a war is a war so .... I think the players should decide :).....but the spoils of war are spoils of war :wink:

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I think it's Ok. We always played that way. It's also a good tactic, if you sabotage a huge amount of his mines (mostly, they'll be unprotected). An economical chaos you can cause this way :wink:
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I prefer invading and scrapping because it's much faster than tens of sabatoge missions, and you get 10 refined materials for each mine/refinery, which means the enemy loses resources and you gain yummy materials you wouldn't get from bombarding. :mrgreen:


When I pulled this tactic on one of my friends he accused me of... err.... "date raping his systems" :lol:

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I think it depends.


InvadeNscrap is typically an imperial tactic since their ships can actually carry troops. A medium transport is so slow it's almost useless. An ISD -or even better- a VSD on the other hand...


So any rule against this is just a way to screw over the imperial player. I've often seen rebels do something similar, only it's called diplomacyNscrap. It's just as annoying and devastating, so if you want to outlaw something, simply outlaw _all_ scrapping activities.


Is it fair? Definately not. IMO scrapping should incur the same penalties as bombarding it and the effect shouldn't be limited to that sector either. But we don't live in that perfect world, so whatever you can't stop the enemy from doing is fair game.


Personally, playing the Empire, I would NOT asslt and scrap very much. Gaining and losing planets affgects your characters loyalty ratings and doing this a lot is a good way to get yourself knee-deep in traitors.



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