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Playing the good guys


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This was an idea I had when I started as the Rebels, easy difficulty, large galaxy, standard game: The rebels are the good guys, so why don't we win the game without ever bombing or assaulting Imp planets? Make it all sabotage and suvbersion as the rebels use to fight.


In the beginning there were those usual systems held by the Empire but supporting us, so those were the primary target. Luckly, those systems were in sectors with many neutral planets. Hee, hee. Luke and Mon Mothma went recruiting on Mon Calamari (I had it from the beginning), Leia and a few others went on diplomacy missions, Ackbar (there from the beginning) and Wedge went to ship-research.

Han and Chewie (I always use those two together) and a few Wraiths (Heh, heh) sabotaged a stormie regiment in one of the systems, creating an excellent uprising. Half of the systems in that sector joined me. They did it again, destroyed all stormies, sector was completely mine!

All that happened again on the other subjugated worlds, but one of them was Averam, so when I freed it, Coruscant turned half Rebel!

Enter the fleet: In easy games I don't need big fleets so I concentrate on building beautiful ones. Four ISDs, three VSDs, Four, Carracks, two Lancers and a few dozen TIE squads were annihilated by Strike Groups Home One, Mon Remonda, Liberty and Justice, totalling ten Cal cruisers, five Dreadnaughts and a whole lot of Correlian corvettes, Neb-Bs, Escort Carriers, you get the picture.

EVERY character I had who was not busy with research or diplomacy or totally incompetent gathered for a handful of Sabotage missions of Coruscant's stormtroopers. Luke and all Jedi he had discovered so far were caught, but later saved by Han, Chewie and Leia, who had begun Jedi training herself. Leia even hurt Vader when they met on the planet. Han and some ten other agents managed to capture Vader (the first time I managed that without Jedi), and the Emperor was tracked down rather quickly after the fall of Coruscant, and I ended the story, content with having played the goog guys really good.

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I dunno, sometimes to fight the empire, you have to fight like the empire. i have leveled planets mreo than once as the rebellion.


Although a thought just crossed my mind. I wonder how many planets you could destroy with the deathstar before you no longer have the resouces to maintain it? Im think galaxy wide destruction here.

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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One game i got rid of everything but my Death Star and its fighter escort and went on an destruction spree. I managed to take out over 60 worlds before the rebals managed to destroy it. needless to say i gave up after that.
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