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Bunch o' Questions


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Some friends and I are trying to create a LAN tourney for Rebellion. First off we have someone who wants to play as the Vong (everyone else is looking forward to crushing the Vong). Does anyone have Matalok models or photos (or anything that even looks kinda Vongish) lying around? We'd like to give him a few more options than Worldship and Coralskips.


Secondly I'm charge of the Imperial Mods and I've never done a total overhaul before. I was wondering if anyone could offer suggestions for what I've done so far. Oh yeah and we don't have a set time period really, resources were divided to balance the game (like the Empire gets the Noghri, Alliance gets more Jedi).


Imperial Heavy Ships:

Dreadnaught Slot: Price reduced since Thrawn netted 192 of the things.

Galleon: Evil ugly ship, useless ship, deserves to die. Y4 Raptor Transport loaded.

Assault Transport: Almost as bad as the Galleon. Skipray Blastboat loaded.

Star Galleon: Firespray Class Picket Ship Loaded.

Imperial Escort Carrier: Belarus Cruiser loaded. The Strike Cruiser's big brother.

Carrack: Weapons balanced, it now has fewer Laser Cannons and more Ion Cannons and a few turbolasers.

Lancer: Untounched

Victory I. More turbolasers added to reflect the 80 Concussion Missile Launchers it is supposed to have.

Imperial I: Shields adjusted.

Interdictor: Can carry 1 Squadron of Starfighters

Victory II: A Sar Destroyer with no troops, what gives? Can now carry 2 regiments

Strike: Weapons reduced to make room for another starfighter squadron and a troop regiment.

Imperial II: Shields upped.

Super: Shields upped.

Death Star: No superweapons, replaced with the Imperial Battle Cruiser (comes in between ISD II and SSD in firepower)



Fleet Regiments: Adjusted to be weaker stormtroopers suited for defending targets of less importance.

Army Regiments: AT-ATs with poor assault ratings? Now the primary assault regiment of the Imperials.

Storm Troopers: Gotta love them.

War Droids: Too ugly. Replaced by Imperial Gaurds

Dark Troopers: Still there.




The Fleet:

Jerjerrod: Warlord Zsinj

Ozzel: Grand Admiral Zaarin

Piett: Captain Ardiff

Needa: Admiral Rogriss

Pellaeon: still around (also a decent diplomat)

Thrawn: Soon to command a SSD near you.

Daala: Token woman

Pter Thanas: intact



Flight Officers:

Griff: Soontir Fel

Klev: Turr Phennir

Screed: Colonel Roat

Labansat: Erisi Dlarit


The Army:

Veers: Still around

Covell: Still Alive

Bane Nothos: General Kardue'sai'Malloc (Labria)

Villar: General Melvar



Grammel: Isard

Zuggs: Prince Xizor

Shenir Rix: Moff Disra

Noval Gariant: Thracken Sal-Solo




Sith / Sepcial Force Characters:

Brandei: High Lord Treymane

Dorja: Rukh

Bin Essada: Boba Fett

Niles Ferrier: Major Grodin Tierce (the real one, not the crazy clone)

Orlok: Joruus C'Boath

Bevel Lemelisk: Guri

Garindan: Gara Pethol (need to double check her name

Menndo: Exar Kun


Special Force Units:

Stormtrooper Elites replace Imperial Commandos

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Unfortunately, Vong images are hard to come by... making an NJO mod a worthy, but hard project to accomplish. Unless someone decides to make their own images, I don't ever see such a mod coming to completion.


As to your list, perhaps cards in our card database would come in handy.


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:arrow: A tourney ay ?!...thats good news but I should suggest the old basic Rebellion for that ...it will be easy :).....new stats will put alot of people in dificulty :idea::wink:



:arrow: I will like to subscribe ....what is the advaiced connection speed for a net game ?! 2,3,4,5-10 b per sec ?.....

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