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Ok, this is a game that I am playing right now. I'm the Imperials and i've changed the settings so that you don't need to research anything and you start your HQ with 5 advanced shipyards, consturction yards, and training faciliteis. Also The imps start with 12 Tie Defender Squadrens and 12 stormtrooper regiments. And as the alliance starts with 12 wookie regiments, and 3 A-wing squadrens, plus 9 b-wings, both sides have the same amount of factories at each hq, but their defenses vary a little (each has 1 gencore lvl2, and a LNR series 2, but the imps have a death star sheild, while the rebs have a KDY-150)


Now that that's out of the way i'll get the story started. I started with 2 Imps, and 2 vics. I brought everything to coruscant because the rebs had the 3 planets in the lower right hand of the sesweena sector. Once they got there I scraped all tie squadrens and replaced them with defender squadrens. (i also scrapped any ties placed on other planets for defence) I also brought everyone to coruscant except the diplomats who i set to work on sesweena sector planets.


Now anyone who has played this for a long time knows that most of the time it's a bad idea to concentrate your forces like this. i thought i was going to end up regretting it, but as it turns out i did the right thing. By day 200 i had 6 imp2's and all where defending coruscant. that's when it happend. The rebels launched a massive attack on nearly the whole sector. Now it took me about 100 days but by day 300 i had a small fleet of star galleons out in the outer rim and colonized 3 sectors (the 3 closest too sesweena)


I won't bore you with the details, but to give you an idea, coruscant was invaded 3 times, Averam close to 16 times, and various other planets where claimed and reclaimed again and again. By Day 1100 i had built my first SSD the Leviathan (yeah it's from KOTOR so what?) I sent it to Endor (one of the 2 major shipyards i had in that sector, in fact the only 2 shipyards i had left) and after day 1500 i decided to send everything and everyone to endor. So i organized, repaired, and with 100 days of the last untis arrival, we were ready, with only 25 matanence points left i launched the fleet, that now consisted of 2 SSD's (i added the Executer) 5 Imp2's, 1 vic2, 2 vics, and an inderector (my orignal 2 Imps died in defense of corusant as well as a vic2)


To make a short story shorter, i didnt take much to re-conquer the sector, since i had an inderector and all my fighters where tie defenders, no one ran and no one survived, i destroyed 5 Bulkwark BattleCruisers, and after i finished mopping up i took over the sector with Byss in it (forgot the name) and every planet i have loves me. I own a total of 5 sectors now, and have added 6 new imp2's to my fleet and have not engaged the enemy for over 200 days. I also have over 3000 matanence points, so it's starting to look up, and it only took 1600 days.

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