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TC to post or merely keep secret?


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We've all recognized the fundamental defects of Star Wars Rebellion, The AI is to easy, units are inaccurately depicted, and starfighters seem rather pointless in game. I've been working to try and correct these difficulties with a single TC... I'd like some suggestions if you'd like to offer them. Thus far I've:


:arrow: Updated all shiptypes to make them as strong as depicted in other star wars games such as X-wing Alliance.


:arrow: I've made it so that instead of building starfighter squadrons you build flights of 4 Ships. (Originally I had it so you could build fighters individually but it really gave the rebels an enormous advantage)


:arrow: I've gotten rid of Mon Mothma who was really nothing more then a figure head and replaced her with Leia (I haven't done the voice but I will). I've made Mara Jade and placed her in Leia's slot so that you can't train her till after the final battle.


:arrow: Troops are no longer regiment sized units but are instead company sized units.


:arrow: Special Forces have been overhauled. Bounty hunters are available and will work for either side. Probe droids can be build by both the rebels and imperials along with espionage droids. They can also be captured during a planetary assault and reprogrammed. The rebels have a larger variety of Spec forces then the Imperials including, Guerillas, Eclipse Teams, and Infiltraitors.


:arrow: I've created a new galactic map which includes the deep core.


Thats the major things I've done. Any suggestions, I'm looking for some good pictures of stormtroopers, and rebel ground forces as well

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:arrow::D Hey dude we are doing the same :) [RDB II].....actualy DeathSquire36 Is working hard now on the RealSettings vs.1.2 so just PM him :)..or see the RDB II Forum :).... We will love to see you in as the head of a departament :)



:arrow: hmmmm....we don't have a project like yours ..... we are for the moment in Mangal.....but hey in RDB II we support each other:)

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Hey, that sounds really good :D


Btw, Leia can be trained as soon as Luke encounters Vader for the first time, learns, that he is his father and Luke is in the same place as she again. It doesn't have to be after the final battle :wink:


Good luck with your TC and I'm looking forward to see it uploaded :)




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