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Battle of Endor in Rebellion!


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Just was thinking the other day - how would the battle of Endor look like in Rebellion?


First of, planet Endor has about 10 Advanced Shipyards and a Death Star Shield. There are about 12 ground troops - mostly stormtroopers - on the surface. Apart from the 80 % completed Death Star, there is an SSD and some 20 ISDs in orbit. Aboard the SSD, Piett is an admiral and the fleet is full of TIEs. The DS has the Emperor, Vader and Jerrjerrod (Commander).


So, before the Rebel fleet arrives in system, Han Solo, Leia and Chewie with a few commandoes start a sabotage mission on the DS shield generator. At the same time, Luke is dispatched to kidnap Vader on the Death Star.


This is where it comes apart. In movie, all of this can happen at once. In Rebellion, the battle runs first (Rebels therefore lose because they can't harm the Death Star with it's shield), and then the missions are resolved. As for the missions, Luke gets captured by the 80+ troopers on the Death Star and is brought for the final battle where he gets wounded and captured (he brought no decoys or support). On the surface, the Rebels manage to blow up the shield and go to the nearest Rebel planet... ONLY it's too late. The fleet's been blown up. :twisted:



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By the way, the Emperor's not dead... he's just resting...

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:arrow: Yeah you're right ....that is why I put The Protectorate II just before Hoth ( Yavin is Hoth now and imagine that the Empire will attack soon :) .....:)

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