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With galactic domination on their agenda, these new Sith Lords quickly became distrustful of each other and abusive of their dark side powers. In a short time, they had nearly wiped themselves out again. One Sith Lord remained, a man by the name of Darth Bane. He swore that the Sith would never again vanish from the galaxy, but also made certain that they never grew beyond their means. He established a rigid code by which there could only be a single Sith Lord and a single Sith apprentice. When the Lord finally expired, his current apprentice was promoted and allowed to take his own student. This pairing continued for the next several centuries until Darth Sidious rose to power as the Sith Lord.


From the Completely Unofficial SW Encyclopedia


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Um...that tradition didnt start until the time of darth bane....Old sith didnt care how many of them that there were.

Maybe im not seeing the point of your post, but did u read the second post (by Evaders99)?

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