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Maybe a new idea or two.


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I would like the developers of Rebellion 2 to take in mind of possibly adding new troop regiments to the game. Four was a little small for each faction. How do you feel about adding different troops to each system. Possibly these troops would be available to the faction with the better standings. Example Bothan Troop Gomorrean Troops Maybe Jawa Regiments on Tatooine More Ships and possibley more defenses for ground forces. Land batteries against AT-ATS AT-STS More characters with special skills that develope while the progreess through the game. Ex Han Sol may have the ability to go into hiding if a Rebel Planet is assaulted and taken over by the empire. This may increase his chance of not being capture. These are just a few ideas. May sound corny. But I look forward to seeing the developement of Rebellion 2
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Reb has 5 troop classes actually. But I agree. When I modify it, I always chance a few of the troops.


And I wish it were written into the code that you couldn't have a species specific character class without occupying the planet. Just seems odd to have the empire control sullust when I'm building sullust troops at all of my training centers.


I actually wish that there were more fighter possibilities than 4.

rebels get the z95, headhunter, e-wing, and k-wing

while the empire gets the assault gunboat, and... anyone? ;)

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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