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I'm working on redoing basically the whole game, and I've gotten through just about everything, but have hit a few snags, some of which may have already been covered...if they have, just point me in the right direction...

1. Is there a away to alter the number of characters for the planet and character names, or are these locked in place? IE, is there a way to rename Hoth into something like Yavin IV (just an example).

2. I'm sure this has been covered, so I just need someone to pinpoint where for me...how do you load new models for the tactical mode? Can this be done with RebEd or do i need to download another program?

3. I've seen some mention of a battlestations patch, and I'd like to include three Golan defense platforms. Where can I find this patch and what does it do? Also, will it affect any of the other ships?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some help.

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Good morning,


1. You can try to edit the name with RebEd's galaxy sizer window. If the name can't be longer than the original, then you'd have to use Resource Hacker on the textstra.dll and edit the entries there manually (don't forget to press the compile script button and saving afterwards)


2. Go to the downloads area, my model importer program does that for ya. Just follow the readme file closely. You'd also better download the new fighters tutorial, cause I explain the necessary numbers for them there and if you rename the .bin files accordingly you can also import them with the model importer.


3.While you're in the downloads area, you can also pick up the battlestations patch. It lets you choose, which ship to imobilize, so no other ship will be affected. The readme file there is also worth reading :wink:




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