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Do not forget to let your friend win !


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If you are going to beat I'm every time he will lose interest.


Here comes the story:


.....I have a Jedi Knight II fan friend ho plays Rebellion also...and usually I beat him every time but once I decided to let him win so I tried to make it credible and .. it was boring ...but finally he managed to defeat my fleet destroy the planet with the shipyards etc.....he was starting to make fan near Coruscant conquering every planet and playing with that Skywalker sabotage skills...btw...I learned the game without manual so he started to search the net and find new tips. still to no avail...to his skill's only that he knew about some staff that I had no clue about :x

...Playing as usual I had also plan B...and he pot his HQ in a system with many shields and LNR's confident of success ....I had one hidden Death Star with no TIE on but he forget to cover his planet with fighters and he never se me coming....

...Imagine how happy he was playing around Coruscant and blockading it....when ...on this screen a movie appeared ...."...- Death Star ready to fire ....[star wars empire music]...."and boooommmm !

He needed some time to realize what happened and he told me he forget about death stars and he pot me to admit that in a standard game he was wining...yap but this was HQ....still he never played after with me :cry: And I'm starting to feel seek to be undefeated :(



The moral is that I should stop me to do that ...but was so tempting to see his stunned face :lol:


Ps. Hope he will not see this :)

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- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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