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Very Important to MOD


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For the beginning i want to excuse my bad language.


I realy love the game SWRebellion, but:



There are two damned things in the game.


first: Why its not posible to start fighters land them and start again. Its really unrealistic to start my TIEs beat some Xwings and land than i want to beat the rest with my capital ships and start the TIEs again to destroy the rest of the rebell fleet.


The worst and unrealistic thing is, When you start the combat your TIEbomber starts too, if you want to save them on the ISD and wait till the XWings are beaten, you cant start the TIEBomber again to beat the capital ships.


So my Question is, is there a way to mod the starting and landing options for the Fighters




Another terrible and unrealistic thing is the "shit" with two planet shields. I know that one planet shield (in books a lot more for the whole planet) is a good defence for bombard, but.......

why its possible to save a planet for invasion. Realistic is t o protect the game for bombard, so u have to build up a good invasion troop to get the planet. Andnot a endles try to sabotage the planet again and again and at least you have to youse the DStar. Thsts terrible and unrealistic.


so my second queation is,

is it possible to mod the impossiblity to invade planets with two shield generators. So the Troops would have a better use. Otherwise u always have to sabotage till one or all shieldgenerators are destroyed and then bombard all. The problim is then, you have no use for the troops in game (accept for sabotage and civilwar)

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hmm, i think i get what you're saying. having the TIE bombers wait until the rebel fighters have been destroyed. well you could have them not attack, and wait till the fighters are destroyed to start your bombing run. or, have your other fighters fend off the x-wings, a-wings, etc while the bombers bomb the capital ships. but ya, once you tell your fighters to dock back into the capital ships, there is no way to get them back out. one solution would be just leave them out all the time. i don't think there would be any way we could edit the game, so that they are available after you give them the command to dock.


the second one is easy. with rebed you could edit the power of the shields, so it would be easier to bombard your way through the shields. set the shields power to about 10 or so, then with a few ISD's, you can break through the shields.


even without editing the game, you can break through the shields. you just need lots of Victory class Star Destroyers.

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You could also select your fighters and rightclick one of your capital ships, that let's them build a screen around the ship. I dunno what that function is for exactly, maybe to intercept incoming projectiles, but this way I've seen less figthers shot down, than when you leave them dead in space.

You could also select a nav point at the farest edge of the holocube, but sometimes the enemy fighters just go after them anyway and you lose quite a number while you try to relocate them.




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Thank you for answer MASK


Im unlucky to hear, there is propably no solution for editing the docking problem. Well, i know your Tipps and ist a good alternativ, but also a quite terrible alternative. Because you always starts with your whole fighters and they have to fight. So for me ist not enough to have only the option to escape from one to another navpoint, during the corvette or canon boat is attacking them. You should have the option to land them and attack the corvette etc. with capital ships and start the fighters again.


So im still waiting for a good MOD......



Your Tipp with lower the shield power is not exactly a solution for my problem. Becaus when you lower the shield strength one single gencore is without a use. The konsequenz is you have to build up a lot an waste your room on planet. Otherwise your Troops arent save for bombard. So you need to protect your Troops. But with two gencore you arent able to land on planets and your landingtroops have no use anymore. Only way to break through is to use sabotage. And that is the most silly way in game. Because:


It takes a long time to be succesfull.

You have the option to sabotage the hole Troops on Planet. The konsequenz is, Landing Troops have no use anymore.

The best would be to make sabotage impossible for Troops or to make landing possible with more than one gencore. So You have a lot of more Tactical game with your Troops.


My solution in moment is,


first: High the price for shield Generator (realy high) so you and your enemy rarely build up two gencor. (And still use Sabotage for planets with 2 gencore). But with this solution there is still the problem to have the option to sabotage all Troops with cheap and fast builded commandos. This Sucks. You should have to use Troops.

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to cbaoth :)


don't be so dramatic :) use the sabotage with decoy's it helps alot and about the poor TIE some times it is ok if the enemy comes after them...usualy he goes after bombers so when his near I send them in dock ...this will confuse for 3 seconds the fighters and I can shot at them much more ...and I flea after...recome and do the same... :lol: If you have a good fleet and good commanders you acn bombard many more shild generators than only two ....use Victory's for the Empire and I can remember what for the Rebels ....






PS. now stupid me : How I give waipoints to my ships ?!

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