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Model Importing



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the easiest way is with The Mask's model importer.



He has a great help file, but I'll give it a try too...

step 1 - download MODEL IMPORTER, RESOURCE HACKER, and what ever models you want to your rebellion folder.

step 2- extract* model importer so that it one folder up from Rebellion as in ..../Star Wars Rebellion/Model Importer/(all the files)

step 3- extract resource hacker to the Model Importer folder.

step 4 - if it is a rmd file or there is only one .x file, you can copy the whole folder to the Import folder insider of the Model Importer folder (..../Star Wars Rebellion/Model Importer/Import) and skip to step 6. If it is not, then extract ship model to Import folder.

step 5 - If there is more than one ship files (.x files), change them to read close.x, medium.x, and far.x Move any txt or html files to another folder.

step 6 - run model importer. Select the ship you want to replace.

step 7 - goto RebEd. Select capital ships, the ship you replaced (it's picture will not have changed) and select "R" right next to the picture of the old ship. You should see your new ship rotating (Warning - Home One and the Mon Remonda cause RebEd to crash, but your model is ok).

step 8 - Goto swrebellion.com and download the appropriate ship card (.rsc) and replace the old ship card using RebEd (load card).


Now run rebellion and see if it works. If you want to find out fast, Use RebEd to set ship cost to 1 and research to 0. You should be able to build the ship right away. Now send it to Coruscant if you're a rebel or to various rebel planets if you're the empire. This will pick a fight and you can see that your ship works in tactical mode.


Hope that helps!


*=If you click on the zip file and there is no extract option, you can download and extracter from winzip.com I think... there's a free extractor called winzip somewhere on the web... search for it if it's not there.

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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Thanks for explaining :D

I'd like to add, that version 2 of HomeOne and MonRemonda won't crash RebEd, at least not on my pc :roll:




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:lol: yap ....thanks Chimera for my part also ....I am so much in the soft thing that I forget how to import corectly :)

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