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Whole bunch a neat stuff (ATTN Admin)


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Before I get into my dredging questions, I would just like to say that I have owned and played SW Rebellion ever since it came out so very long ago. I remember seeing the game in Chaptars book store in Edmonton years ago, read the game descrption and went nuts. What a time for a game of this caliber to hit the shelves.


Now, since then, eventualy I wanted to check for trainers for this game, and eventualy I came across this site, and feeling so very sorry I never found this site before. I have been here maybe a year ago, but never bothered to sign up for the forums and what not as I have been teribbly busy. Now I cracked the game out again this week and installed it, remembered about RebEd and came back here. Now I feel I might as well dive into the forums and those of the SW Rebellion community, specificaly from this fine site.


Now, on to my questions/comments.


1) I already read the thread about uploading the movie files from SWR to your HD and using Smacker to play the vid files.


Well, I saved from .000 to .202 as requested to a folder on my desktop from the SWR CD, and I went to http://www.radgametools.com/smkdown.htm and its ether just my PC acting up again, or the site itself, as I cannot download the player at this time. Is there any other format I can rename the files into and play them on another player?


Also, the MDATA files go up to .215... so what are the files from .203 to .215?


2) Comment - After downloaded RebEd again, I remembered and realized again that other than a Characters FAQ page in the readme file for RebEd, the rest of the RebEd descriptions (FAQ) for other things such as Capital Ships, Task Forces, etc, have not been "done" yet. So... whoever programed RebEd, would he still be willing for someone to write up a whole descrption for each section in RebEd? Cuz if he is, then I will be more than happy and willing to get him/her something within the next few weeks.


Of course, any collaboration would be appreciated as well, as I am sure I do not know every single thing about RebEd and its functions/dynamics.


3) Might you consider, moderators/admin, stickying (if you can in these forums) posts up with detailed explinations of each portion of RebEd and what you can/can't do and how?


I just figure since there are anomalous things in RebEd (though somewhat easy to figure out) such as noting that lowering the Hyperspace number (more or less as is noted in Star Wars, the lower the Hyperspace ranking, the faster the ship) speeds up your ship, rather than the reverse. Or that putting in certain values over or under a speficic mark can be more harmfull to your gameplay than beneficial, etc.


Again, I would be more than willing to do that as well, and anyone is welcome to edit the post once its done in case I had forgotten anything or misdirected anyone.


4) Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to being more active within this community / forum and hope to get to know a lot of you more than not.


If you would like to know where I hail from, you can check out sites such as http://www.thejedi.org, http://www.contemplarieruditio.com.


Also, if you would like to take a look at some of my amature web composing work (LOL) check out http://www.lifestylecanada.com (my companies website to which I designed - it may be down at the moment as we are having issues with our DNS at present).


Take care for now! :D

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Hi, check my site out : //kickme.to/woodsboro/

There is an older version of Smacker there, with the description on what every MDATA file is and there's also an updated helpfile for RebEd there.


Welcome to the forum 8)




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Welcome form my part also it is good to see that we are not alone :)

I't seems that the Force is calling us all back here :)


No other game has come back on my screen so many times like Rebellion.And belive me I've played 75% off all the games from '98 till now and 100% of all strategy games :)

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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chimera nich sprechen zie deutche... well that's obvious from that sentence right there :)


Someone once taught me a phrase she said would cover any encounter I had with a German speaker. She told me to smile like an idiot, nod a lot and say "Ich weiss nicht."


I tried it once, and got lots of laughs :lol:


You might want to mention to people to click on the Union Jack or Stars-n-Stripes to get the English version of your page :)


I only noticed the second time thru :lol:


What can I say, Ich weiss nicht :!:

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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