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Desire for a New TC?


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I've been working on one for a few months but assumed no one would be interested...


The basic idea is:

Luke turned to the Dark Side, the second Death Star is completed, and Mon Mothra is dead. :cry:


Thrawn discovers the Emporer's next plan for total domination is to conquer the last great empire: The Chiss. 8O


He returns to his home and begs forgiveness (he was exiled before) in return for Imperial technology and the information that the Empire is planning to attack. The Chiss agree to forgive Thrawn, and reach out to the remaining Rebels (Leia, Han, Chewy, and some others).


Can Leia defeat the Emporer? Can Kyp Durron do it if she fails? Will the rogue jedi master (Sylvar) who returns from self-imposed exile stay long enough to train a new jedi knight or will her poor loyalty to the jedi cause her to fail again?


What I did was:

-Made 3 new models (Clone War Cruiser, Old Republic Diplomat Cruiser, and the Anakhan Ion Frigate which becomes a Chiss invention).

-Made ~10 new cards of Chiss characters. Some are beautiful... stolen art, but beautiful nonetheless :wink:

-Imported lots of existing cards and models from this wonderful website. There are now lots more Dark Jedi and Light Jedi to make things... dynamic. The Empire also has lots more toys.

-Because Thrawn stole the technology, now the Rebellion can build ISDs, VSDs etc. (but not later ships)

-Troops are also more distinct in their capacities so a mix is good. 3 new troop classes for both sides if I recall.

-I try to keep in mind the essential balance... The rebellion has better diplomats while the Empire (with Palpatine on Coruscant) has better leaders. Now there's also the factor that the Empire's Jedi are better trained (but are they loyal and do the Rebellion Jedi have more potential?).

-Using someone else's idea, I made Death Stars cheap so the darn AI will BUILD THEM.

-ELIMINATED espionage units. Pet peave... I spend all my time renewing their missions :P Now there are two expensive units for both sides. The empire has reborn jedi (just infiltrators with a higher combat (~100) capacity.) The rebellion has bounty hunters with the assassignation option.



-Thrawn now has Mon Mothra's voice! :lol:

-Likewise, Leia is sometimes referred to as Luke, and has his voice.

-Kyp is now referred to as Leia... darn audio files!

-My model textures are... bland at best. At least they're close to the right size! :D

-I gave the empire Assault gunboats because Tie bombers were useless. I gave the Rebellion clawcraft over A-wings... but I couldn't change the original models :?


So people want me to try to get this thing online?

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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Looks good. I'm sure we're always looking for good TCs. :)


Keep it up!


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Mon Mothma dead ? I know a Costa Rican, who won't object to that :lol:

The ideas sound great, send me a PM with your email adress and you can have my Clawcraft for your TC, just don't forget to meantion the guys I have it from.

You can change the audios with Resource Hacker, the only problem is/will be the same that we have with the Reloaded TC: finding enough brave people to lend you their voices :wink:




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My TC is almost done. I just need to switch the Eclipse's spot (it is now in a slot where the empire usually gets one at the beginning :P ), edit 1 last card (Assaj Ventriss) and play it a few times to make sure it's balanced!


(I am not going to try to change fighter tactical pics or change Leia/Luke/Mon Mothra's special files just yet... I'll leave that for others or I'll try if people really like my TC)


The current working title is:

Thrawn's Betrayal - The Chiss Awakening

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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She's in clonewars TV as well as clonewars graphic novels 1 & 2... and I swear I've seen her somewhere else.


She disappears after clonewars, so I'm using the storyline that she is being brought back to help kill off the few new jedi that have cropped up. Given her master Dooku is dead, her loyalty will not be 100% :wink:


I got a great pic for her (not from clonewars tv) hope you like it!

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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