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Whats wrong with the original?


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Am I the only person who enjoys Rebellion 1.0?


If your making a total conversion, mod, or whatever the heck they are called that's different. But just to change it for your needs and then not be able to play against anybody else seems...silly.


Am I wrong?

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I don't think anything is wrong with the original, per se. After all, that's what drove us all to this site in the first place, right? I just think that everyone has their own preconceptions about what's supposed to be in the Star Wars Universe. So while I'm sure Sarin Virgilio (sp?) is really a great guy, pilots a mean Nebulon-B, and makes for a great "faceless starship captain #1", he's not someone who inspires a person's "give a squat" meter. Ergo, they use Rebed or Reshack to change him into a character they'd prefer (or should've been there to begin with).


Likewise, there are some who just scratch their head when seeing the ship types that were included, or shudder in horror at the bad 3-D modelling job. So they fix it.


In short, they make the game a more enjoyable experience for themselves, fixing perceived deficiencies as they see fit. As for playing with others, that's what the "Load Settings" feature is for, right? :wink:

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Yes, you are wrong.


Sorry, that was too tempting :wink:


It's just so much FUN to put a little flavor into the game. Get rid of some of the stiffs and some of the "Who is this bit player/ship and why did he make the final cut?" and put in some characters with punch.


I mean, you only get 32, so make 'em count! If I wanted faceless joes I can churn out special ops.


Also, I want more jedi! :D That's a key part that gets short-changed IMHO.

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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