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Website & Forums Migrated to swrebellion.net

This announcement is no longer active


I am very excited to announce the the SWR Forums have been migrated to Invision Community Suite and we are now live! While we have a ways to go to get our entire site migrated to that platform, if you click on the Forums link, or go to (http://forums.swrebellion.com) you will now be redirected to https://swrebellion.net/forums/. Please note that all topics, posts, user accounts and group memberships have also been migrated. We are still working on migrating downloads, cards, and various page content.

If you had an account over here that you have had trouble getting into, you should be able to sign in over there and reset your password. If your email address has changed, please hop into our Discord channel and ping the @STAFF group for assistance.

If you happen on a broken link, please DM me on Discord. We're working on a bug that is the result of the database conversion, so rather than clicking on a topic you see in the main forums index page, click on that specific forum it is in, then select the topic and it will open for you. A minor detail, but we hope to get it fixed shortly.

I am aware of all the spam/bot posts that exist. Going through the slow process of finding and deleting them all. Anyone who wants to assist would gladly appreciate it. Anyone who comes across a non-Guest (a registered user) that is spamming or a bot that became a registered user, please flag that user / report the topic or post in question. This will alert any/all moderators. We can delete all topics by a spammer (other than Guest) all at once. Guests posts have to be deleted manually. The new forums will block and flag future bot registrations and block guest posts.

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